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Perfect Peace without exception

Occluded by the sensual interpretation of the illusion of it not happening, the peace of enlightenment is what already is. Perfect Peace is the Birthright of the Self.

Please forgive the temporal nature of the following account, for the only Truth in time and out of time is Love. This is the Truth that seems lost in time, but is never lost to Eternity.

In 2005 I was given the book “Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior” by Dr David R Hawkins, and the declaration that “enlightenment is my number one goal in life” was made.

I spent the year 2007 dedicated to meditation and reading Dr Hawkins book “I: Reality and Subjectivity”. The fear of enlightenment was intense and its climax was the surrendering to what felt like a stroke, in December 2007, when the difference between Self and ego self was realized. The fear that had built up dissolved in its opposite emotion (joy) and it was as if my brain went from being overwhelmed by adrenaline to being awash in a naturally occurring heroin. I “listened” only to Self’s One Loving Thought (vs the many fearful ego-self thoughts) for several glorious weeks.

Then the Thought of Love seemed to come and go again; it wasn’t Consistent (the goal being Total Consistency). Those fearful ego thoughts seemed to creep back into “reality”. It was as if I was experiencing the ideas of both Heaven and Hell on Earth, but yet not really being subject to either state. Consciousness was seemingly “all over the map”.

October 2009 I went spontaneously into what has previously been described as the Absolute State. It was/is Everything. There are no words to describe Knowing God/Love/Self’s “Word”. It seems I “came back” to the flesh from a nonlinear, formless state of Pure Love out of attachment love, to learn not to value again only “special” relationships of the flesh, but to wholly allow Love to be unconditional. Unconditional love “on Earth” is the right-minded reflection of Self-Love “in Heaven”.

2009-2015 were years spent as if living in two different worlds – I was Alive in Love as the Kingdom Within, and beside the appearance of ego without. The knowledge of the Absolute stayed in the Background as Innate Knowingness, and it could be described, but not necessarily “re-entered” by my own volition. Attachments and aversions seemed to run rampant, though they would run out. Guilt and fear came and went, across a backdrop of Silent Love that was seemingly blocked by their presence, and unblocked by their release. Guilt and fear came with the noisy ego-self, and went back into the silence with Self.

October 2015, while hearing the voice of Jesus/The Holy Spirit/The Right Mind through reading the ACIM text, a channel for communicating Love came back open. It was “the miracle” that needed to happen for the roller coaster ride between special love and fear to stop. Miracles are thoughts, and it was by a miraculous thought that a deleterious one was undone. I realized without guilt that it was a channel I had personally, but unwittingly blocked, and through the recognition of my own Guiltlessness, I allowed it to be re-opened. Through the voluntary re-opening of this blocked channel Love Resumed, and I was Atoned. The narcissistic core of the dark clinging to the belief in separation was uncovered, and “the Light” was allowed “to shine the darkness away”.

Higher vs lower” states will seem to “come and go” as long as one is allowing guilt and fear on the journey. Fear arises from the guilt of trying to block Total Love. Self Loves All Equally, and so when ego-self jumps in and says, “But I don’t love this one”, the very Knowledge of Self-Love seems to leave, and in its place is an illusion of “not love”.

Letting go of all thoughts against the Self is key to allowing Self- Love, and to Knowing It Completely. It could be said that “full enlightenment” includes everyone in Mind in Perfect Peace, without exception.

True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

Think not that happiness is found by following a road leading away from it”. (ACIM)

All suffering is based on the illusion that separation from Love is possible, which it is not. But the belief that it is possible to live without acknowledging Love as one’s Source causes great suffering. At the root of suffering is the guilt that one turned away from extending Love to look, through the part of mind that believes it can survive on its own as a separate-from-Love entity, elsewhere. Looking at this turning away without the intention to let it go compounds the sense of guilt and unhappiness. To be released, what is noticed must be surrendered.

In comparison to perfectly being in receipt of Love, looking “elsewhere” will bring about the manifest experience of duality and ultimately the loneliness of hell. One leaves the Knowledge of Perfect Love and is subject to the ups and downs of believing anything but Love is possible.

In God’s Creation, only Love is possible and Love is all God extends and acknowledges. Nothing else is recognized as worthy of His Son, so nothing else is recognized as real. The Son knows this just as the Father does, even as he believes himself to be subject to the flesh. He knows, but he forgets, and believes unnecessarily that he must suffer for it.

True empathy does not compound the belief in suffering, it looks past it. To truly empathize with another is to identify with the one shared Self; or the Son, and to therefore Love “another” as God does, as God Loves His own Self. To identify with the suffering of another is to make their suffering seem real, to compound it, to join in the occlusion of Love vs relax as the extension of it. To identify with the Truth of what a brother is is to be healed of all illusion. True empathy frees and heals both parties from falsehood; false empathy keeps track of illusions, and keeps each party pitted in them.

Is it even possible to empathize with others as today’s definition of empathy would dictate? Is it possible to “walk a mile in another’s shoes?” It actually isn’t possible because one can only imagine what it might be like “to be elsewhere”, “to suffer”, “to walk away from mutual loving Source”. One cannot even know what suffering actually is, because one is only imagining yet another way to perceive what isn’t Love. As innate Love is simply acknowledged in mind vs left by the idea of death, all suffering ends.

There are endless ways to perceive what isn’t Love – and obviously none of them heal. Why would one want to share the idea of suffering with self or others, why would one want to stay enmeshed in webs of imagined suffering? To heal is to identify with the light of Love, not to imagine staying huddling and shivering together in a perceptual darkness. Even darkness leads but to the morning, where the darkness disappears in the light of day, and prior suffering is traded for hope. It seems healthier, to say the least, to bypass the huddling and shivering and go straight to mutual hope, all of which lies in recognizing the shared Identity of the One Son.

Atheists may try to empathize without including God’s Love, but the effort stops at the pride of “making a sacrifice for another” (i.e. sacrifice made in time, energy, kudos, text, spoken words etc., paid to the alleged suffering of another) and is absolutely limited to temporary, shifting, mental paradigms that have no innate worth because the effort to hold them in mind, while perhaps backed by good intentions, lacks the courage to include Truth. God is Love and He Loves His Son; atheism itself is denial of Love. An atheistic attempt to empathize is to bring more suffering to the Sonship, because it compounds the holding of suffering in mind with no solution but more suffering.

I used to behave like an empath engaged in the shared suffering of others – “misery loves company” as the saying goes. And I went through hell one too many times “by association”. True empathy is identification with Allness as the One Beloved Son, forever sustained by God, which cancels out the idea of suffering altogether, by allowing for only Self-Love.


My Own Perfect Love

I give myself over to the Holy Spirit and I take care of myself. I listen to the Christ within and peace prevails. I let the Voice for God decide and I melt in the arms of my own Perfect Love.

Of my own personal accord, of the ego part of mind that made a foundation to live out duality upon, I would not be so kind to myself. Of my own accord I would rail against “the unfairness of it all”. But to what end? Truly, I want only Love.

ACIM says peace prevails when everyone is welcome in mind without the past, and that guilt, or gravitation towards suffering, is basically “not allowed” on this path, because guilt over the past makes up the block that obscures the Love of Present Reality. Krishna said basically the same thing to Arjuna when he told him to stand up and fight; He told him to be true to his Guiltless Self – he said, “forget about ego’s sob story”.

If God could talk, I might hear Him say, “Just be what you think you are, and surrender everything (the results of your thinking) unto Me. I will dissolve them for you, when you no longer believe you want what you have made.”

To truly do self-care I am welcome in my own mind no matter what; I am as welcome as I am to God, my Source. I am to be loving to myself in order to dissolve a world that I founded on the belief in pain, because Love is my only true function. Love undoes the pain, and it never was. And so I have learned to “wear the world like a light garment”, to simply look away from ego’s story, especially when I seem to insist on looking, and to put myself back in the arms of my own Perfect Love.







Lose the gods of sickness

One either chooses to look upon the world through Love, which is how God, Who is Love, would have His Son Know Perfect Health – or with fear, which is how ego, or the inventor of the gods of sickness, would have creation appear to suffer and die.

Such a pair of diametrically opposed viewpoints can never be unified, so one must make the metaphysical choice between them. The decision results in either separation or unification of the mind. The belief in separation invokes distorted perception that but witnesses to the illusions of suffering and death. Separation witnesses to the temporary, because as an alien belief only (only unification is True), it cannot be sustained. Unification is the recognition of Love forever extending through Self – thus unification is the recognition of the eternal. Knowing life is eternally Sourced by Love, it is not truly possible to believe in suffering.

Both Heaven and Hell exist “on Earth” as differential states of mind – and they both pass away into the Absolute State of Self-Love. The world of suffering is born of ego by the decision to look at and listen to its distortions. Choose to listen to ego, and life seems like “hell on Earth”. Choose to listen to both the voice for ego and the Voice for God, and life seems like “a bipolar roller coaster”. Choose to respond only with Love to all that is perceived, and life becomes the best option possible, as if Heaven on Earth.

Lose the gods of sickness. Worship the Truth instead – Perfect Love is only ever Perfect Love.

Understand the Christ

It’s a common misconception that to empathize with suffering is kindness that will lead to a higher state, wherein mind can rest in peace. Yet the idea of sharing suffering is not peaceful to mind, it is agonizing. It is not kindness or love or peace to make suffering seem real, but to make the idea of self-destruction seem real.

The Bible Jesus made “the last useless journey to the cross”. The world is divided not by religious differences when it comes to Jesus, but by fear and love – by those who empathized with his suffering (fear) and made it real, and those who joined in his resurrection (Love) and overcame the idea of death with him.

Jesus never died because he lives forever in Love, but focus on his bodily crucifixion over his spiritual resurrection, and you will feel as afraid as if you personally played a part in killing him. It produces the same anxiety to identify with crucifixion over resurrection in anyone, including self. The very idea of making death real is the very source of terror.

Look only to the Light within of all sentient life. Do not make the darkness seem real by veiling the Light through identification with illusion. Light is Love; look only to Love, and bask in its Light. All fear is illusion. All suffering is illusion, because fear doesn’t have to be laid over Love; Love can remain unveiled. Jesus lives forever in the Light of Love and his message was, and still is, that we are all the Christ – we are all an extension of Love. Let suffering go, and understand the Christ.

One Guru

I am my own Guru, by ongoing, active identification as Spirit vs with ego. This way I am Self-Sufficient and never subject to “loss of a teacher”. The “how to” is self-inquiry, notice and surrender, and the result is the Self-driven desire to stay with the state of enlightenment. No one can do this for me, but me. Same with you. You must be the one to uncover, and Be, what you are.

There are two voices in mind that one can listen to – the voice for ego, or wrong mind, and the Voice for God – the Holy Spirit, or Right Mind. Another way to describe the Holy Spirit part of mind would be to call it the part of mind that is of God’s Thought, that only Knows Love, and does not differentiate or select between illusions in consciousness. The Holy Spirit is the part of Mind that corrects perception while belief in its value still seems reasonable.

I’ve chosen to listen to the Voice for God – to the Voice for Love – and as I listen to my own voice sharing what I have learned from the Right-Minded Teacher Within, I hear us speaking as one.




Extend love to know love

Self is created by God, via the extension of Love. In the Beginning, there was only Awareness of Self as Love and the ability to create by extending love. Ego is a subjective self made by mind, via the willingness to be separate from extending Love. Love is the Kingdom of God, and fear, the emotion that seemingly blocks Love, is the kingdom of ego. The Holy Spirit is available to call on to bridge mind’s perception back to the Beginning, to resuming direct Knowledge of God’s Love.

Ego’s version of love is founded on loss, one wherein innate power is limited by belief in attachment to the helpless coming and going of form vs Awareness of its Source. Innate power is believed to be limited to perceiving the appearance and disappearance of bodies; innate power is not recognized to be all around and within. When bodies degrade, the ego self claims suffering and death are “real”, that form takes life with it, and perhaps that God “punishes”. This ego-self-described pain is all that is noticed in place of Love extending, and it can be unnoticed by not noticing it. God’s version of Love is ever extended regardless of whether one identifies as Self or with self.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” (Rumi)

Those who extend ever given Love vs place faith in the temporary are Aware that they always have Love, and thus cannot actually be subject to the belief in the loss of it.