Perfect Peace without exception

Occluded by the sensual interpretation of the illusion of it not happening, the peace of enlightenment is what already is. Perfect Peace is the Birthright of the Self. Please forgive the temporal nature of the following account, for the only Truth in time and out of time is Love. This is the Truth that seems … Continue reading Perfect Peace without exception

True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

“Think not that happiness is found by following a road leading away from it”. (ACIM) All suffering is based on the illusion that separation from Love is possible, which it is not. But the belief that it is possible to live without acknowledging Love as one's Source causes great suffering. At the root of suffering … Continue reading True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

Lose the gods of sickness

One either chooses to look upon the world through Love, which is how God, Who is Love, would have His Son Know Perfect Health - or with fear, which is how ego, or the inventor of the gods of sickness, would have creation appear to suffer and die. Such a pair of diametrically opposed viewpoints … Continue reading Lose the gods of sickness

Understand the Christ

It's a common misconception that to empathize with suffering is kindness that will lead to a higher state, wherein mind can rest in peace. Yet the idea of sharing suffering is not peaceful to mind, it is agonizing. It is not kindness or love or peace to make suffering seem real, but to make the … Continue reading Understand the Christ

One Guru

I am my own Guru, by ongoing, active identification as Spirit vs with ego. This way I am Self-Sufficient and never subject to “loss of a teacher”. The “how to” is self-inquiry, notice and surrender, and the result is the Self-driven desire to stay with the state of enlightenment. No one can do this for … Continue reading One Guru

Extend love to know love

Self is created by God, via the extension of Love. In the Beginning, there was only Awareness of Self as Love and the ability to create by extending love. Ego is a subjective self made by mind, via the willingness to be separate from extending Love. Love is the Kingdom of God, and fear, the … Continue reading Extend love to know love