Q & A with Darcie French on free will and the formless state

Q: Hello, Darcie. Do we have free will? Is it up to us to decide to experience being embodied, or is that simply decided by God whether or not we want to? If we do have free will, is it conceivable that we could choose to remain in the formless state indefinitely?

A: The great cosmic lesson is that one is never embodied by form; form is only seeming. One naturally transcends the experiencer of seeming embodiment as one ascends to Knowing Oneness with the non-imaged Image Maker. The body is nothing but a framework for developing creative abilities; it never forms one’s reality. Reality is still. The ecstasy of forever knowing unity with God that can never be displaced by identifying with form is one’s reality.

The body is never created, it is but a reflection of ongoing creating. It is a hologram of electric light units, pixelating into and out of perception as God breathes them in and out. One is unified with the still, formless Magnetic Light that centers from within and controls from without every seeming-to-be moving electrical light unit — one is not unified with the light units themselves. Perception of light units separated from One Light is part of the illusion of movement within stillness that can never be made real. All perception recognizes is the illusion of seeming-to-be moving lights, within One Still Light.

One does have free will to think (and therefore seem to move) as one pleases; what one cannot control are the reactions to one’s actions, whether they be one’s own reactions, or those of the Sonship. Have you ever talked yourself into making a poor decision that seemed like a good idea at the time, but once the decision was made and acted upon, your own reaction to having made the decision was poor? Man does this all the time: he acts (or reacts) alone without first asking God (which is essentially just going within to the stillness) for direction, and then regrets his own actions by his own reactions. All of God’s creatures are Guiltless; God does not hold poor decisions against the decider. And yet universal laws will break a body to the degree that the Mind broke those laws. When one is acting alone without God, one is not necessarily acting in conformity with universal laws.

What one wholly desires is to Know the Stillness of the shared Will of God’s as one’s own Reality, and therefore never be subject to believing in the unrealities of movement. One wholly desires to extend only Love’s Reality, because it hurts not too. One never knows how anything but Love itself will be reacted too. The reaction to projection away from God’s Will is to fall down, to seem to lose balance; the reaction to extending Love is to Know balance.

The extension of not-love (fear) is projection away from Knowing perfect balance. In perfect balance, by acting in accordance with God’s natural rhythms, the body is virtually forgotten. In perfect balance the body is never believed to exist as one’s identity and reality; in balance with God’s body (or all of creation as it unfolds and refolds), it is wholly known that the body is a kind of imaginary space ship that can perform fantastic abilities but is never inhabited. It is seemingly picked up, and put down, put on, and taken off;¬† yet it is as invulnerable to attack as the Mind because it cannot be destroyed — it can only be seemingly picked up, or seemingly put down. Balancing Love disappears the whole up/down, on/off dichotomy. The effect of projecting fear is the opposite of extending balancing Love: fear amplifies the sense of bodily identification, and thereby one seems to lose awareness of the never-formed Self.

Like God, man never inhabits a body; man lives unified in Self. The will to inhabit a body is the ego’s will, and it sources all discomfort, because inhabiting a body is not truly wanted, nor even possible. One may instead forget the ego, forget the body, and rest in Source forever, never acting alone, always being ecstatically acted in accordance with God’s Will, always Knowing only ecstasy. When the Will is Known to be shared and there is only ecstasy to Know as the body image unfolds and refolds, the fear from the idea that one could “be embodied” (or “be disembodied”) is completely displaced. All there is in fear’s place, then, is the formless Unified-in-One Love of God centering from within and controlling from without His One Creating Thing (which is Known to be your own Self). With surrender to this Supreme Control, there is only Nirvana.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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