Q & A with Darcie French on the source of suffering, and how to end suffering

Q: Hello. I understand for the most part, the illusion and its parallel to a movie or play, with us being actors. It’s difficult, however, to imagine the Idea of man to include God viewing us on Earth’s screen in extreme physical pain and suffering, especially as that which is incurred by innocents. I understand the out-of-balance with God concept. I also understand that pain can lead one to discover the Truth, but to think one will continue to experience physical pain and suffering for countless lifetimes to bring about Truth does not appear very loving. Yes, time does not exist, but because we are in the thick of all the muck until coming to the Truth and becoming balanced, what we have to go through seems quite extreme and as I mentioned, not very loving. What comes to mind is an electrical cattle prod. I would appreciate your insight on this matter. Thank you very much!

A: God is the Source of the Idea of Creation, and of all of the concentrating/decentrating/re-concentrating seeds of it, and is the One Source of the seemingly divided Power for the images simulated from their seeds. Images are malleable — man, one with God’s Creative Idea, has the power to mold his own image in a negative manner by breaking universal laws, or in a positive manner by conforming with them.

Suffering is an offshoot of man’s misconception of being separated from Source that occurred with the dawn of consciousness. The concept of suffering came with the prefrontal cortex, when man began to think for himself.

Suffering is attached to the fear that came with this thought as consciousness dawned: “Since I seem to have come into beingness, therefore I could be taken back out of beingness”. Yet one is never actually brought into or out of beingness, one is ever unified in the Source of one’s seed, inseparably balanced in God. The thought that one could be taken out of beingness is the erroneous thought man was supposed to “laugh at” (ACIM), but in his seriousness, he reincarnated/repeated the concept of suffering itself. Suffering is a mis-creation, brought into seeming beingness by projecting away (via thought) from innate balance.

The “cattle prod” tells one of having projected away from balance. It says to release the tension from Mind that is triggering the sensation of imbalance. Release is done by rest in innate balance; there is no “doingness” to releasing tension.

There is no other source of seeming dysfunction than an unbalanced operating system, or than the refusal to let go of hanging onto whatever is preventing rest in balance. Being unbalanced is to deny the shared Will of God (which is to be balanced by Love) by accepting the separate will of the ego (which is to be unbalanced by fear). The literal effect of imbalance is tension, which is experienced as pain. The tension may be released at any time by the release of ego from sovereignty over the Mind, which then allows the Will to be recognized as shared. Only the ego, lead strictly by the senses and false empirical evidence, would have the Son of God suffer.

To share the Will of God, which is to be so utterly balanced that the body functions so perfectly it is virtually forgotten, is to Know only the ecstasy of union with God and all of creation. Man unbalances what is already balanced by taking more from the Sonship than what he gives, and then he suffers the effects of imbalance. The answer to ‘why does man suffer’ is truly as simple as that: he invites it into his own life and to the lives of all who come down from him. The lineage for many generations of one unbalanced coupling may be just as unbalanced. Nature does take supreme control and rectify all imbalance, but it takes time. Many generations may seem to suffer from the unbalanced actions of their ancestors.

God is not “watching suffering” on the earth’s screen; God is only the Love of Creation. Suffering does not exist in the Kingdom of Heaven, which man himself thought to be separated from, and thereby thought he needed to suffer for it, bringing suffering to Mind by his own unbalanced thinking.

Man is intended to be aware only of Love for his creations, also. The “detour into fear” (ACIM) made man suspicious of Love, for no good reason. He had woken up a bit from his animal instinct, and was starting to think for himself, when he mistakenly thought to fear God, the very Source of all needs being met. Release the fear of death, as there is no death — there is only the belief in it — which brings on great suffering because it is utterly false. Without the idea of death, there is no world of suffering to perceive; there is only God’s Love to Know and comprehend. When imbalance by the thought to separate from balance ceases to be, the separation from Source never was.

The images of expanded seeds are not intended by God to be projections of the idea of death for beholding; they are intended to ecstatically repeat in tandem with the universal pulse as the creating body is ecstatically breathed in and out by God. The cattle prod is necessary to learn of how electricity works, and to therefore learn to work with it, not against it. Electricity is at man’s disposal, and to use it the way God does would be to return to the Garden of Eden. To work with electricity is to live virtually unaware of the creative image, yet wholly awake with it and its creativity abilities, with no gaps from Oneness created by attachment to the image and the idea of its death, and with the everlasting memory of God and how to co-create with Him what endures.

The Garden of Eden, or the pre-separation condition, met all needs — there were none. Needs are an offshoot of the belief in separation by the sensation of fear (note, fear is only a sensation): fear/needs are not part of God’s Idea of Man. “When man Knows God, he will no longer need to sense Him.” (Walter Russell)

The Knowledge of God provides everything as needed and as requested — “seek and ye shall receive”; suffering occurs when something else (not love) is sought for, and therefore substituted for what God provides (God provides only the Power of Love — to create or miscreate with this Power is the lesson being learned). Substitutions for met needs may seem to provide a temporary sense of relief from the belief in their being unmet, yet they cannot meet the demand for what God only provides. There are no substitutes for Knowing God’s Balanced Love; there can only be ecstatic simulations of it to comprehend.

Creation, as a whole creating entity, is perfectly, absolutely balanced. To act in accordance with the natural rhythms of Creation is to know Balance, is to know the shared Will of God. As the Will of God is Known to be shared, the Mind relaxes the idea of tension into God’s ecstatic natural rhythms of balanced order, and the body follows suit.

Be still to Know that suffering by the effects of seeming movement cannot be part of the Still Unity of the Kingdom of Heaven. Still the thoughts that create imbalance to Know Supreme Balance in God’s One Thought of Pure Love that one cannot escape from, no matter what. In the supreme rest of one’s innate, inseparable union with God, there is only Love. In this rest, suffering and separation never were, and can never be. This is where the Son of God forever lives; He never inhabits His image.

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2 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on the source of suffering, and how to end suffering

  1. Hello, Darcie. Do we have free will? Is it up to us to decide to experience being embodied, or is that simply decided by God whether or not we want to? If we do have free will, is it conceivable that we could choose to remain in the formless state indefinitely?

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