Q & A with Darcie French on developing abilities

Q: Why do we not have access to infinite knowledge and abilities? I want to be able to fly like superman! 😉

A: We do have absolute access to knowledge; knowledge is built in. The body is a framework for developing abilities based in that knowledge. 🙂

The first person to think of space travel didn’t get the idea from the empirical evidence of life on the surface of the Earth; the idea came from built in knowledge that is beyond perception of idea seeming to be made manifest.

All ideas come from knowledge, from what God Knows.  All inspiration comes from what one knows in God. If one desires to develop the ability to fly like Superman, by working knowingly with inspired direction, one can. Hold the ability in Mind, and know it can be developed. The how-to comprehension will unfold over time of its own accord.

Man does evolve from homo barbarian, who fearfully believed in separation from Source, and via his defenses, mis-created a nightmare as a result, to cosmic man who ecstatically knows of Oneness. Cosmic man knows he is One with Creator, and simulates an ecstatic life for himself accordingly.

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8 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on developing abilities

  1. God did not create this universe. “He” is not even aware of it. The universe is the result of a mistaken thought that part of God could separate itself from the Whole. See the book “A Course in Miracles” for more information.

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    1. It is a misunderstanding among many course students, it seems, that creation is errant thought vs desire in the Mind of God. The creator is cause and unaware of effects, yes, but cause is removed from creation by the thought process you present, and therein lies the only separation there is. I am very familiar with the acim text.


    2. Thank you for your interesting comment, Max. I was hoping to get an answer from Darcie as to why a perfect God without needs created this universe…

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  2. Hi Max, the universe is a reflection of ongoing creativity. Notice that it was never created. What I mean by God being cause and unaware of effects is that God does not perceive the illusions of His embodied ideas and call them created (like unKnowing man does); He interchanges them within His Self to keep them creative forever.


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