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How Jesus taught The Way

The body of Christ disappeared from its tomb as it was resurrected.

The body, being young and not yet middle age, still had plenty of growth or polarizing time left. And so after it was killed, at rest in the knowledge of the healing principle that balance is, Jesus could have fulfilled his prophecy of resurrecting the body and walking away from his tomb.

Being freed by “death” from both his attachments (family that viewed him as a material body of love, given by God to sustain them) and aversions (persecutors that viewed him as a body of hate, given by God to destroy them) he was then able to “disappear into the crowd” and be a co-creator of the illusion of Love made manifest without interruption by those who “made graven images” of him with their own ideas of what he represents.

Perhaps, he and Mary M took aliases and had kids who were taught “the Way”. Thus there is Christianity, formed by the attachments and reformed aversions of Jesus, sharing the graven image of Jesus as a savior, and those who came down from him and knew him as friend and neighbor and emulated the Light of his Way. Those who knew him as friend and neighbor would have been the ones to share his message purely and honestly by his inspired Way of Being that was devoid of the preaching that lead to his death.

He “died for our sins”, so he could continue unimpeded to bring the Light of eternal Life to sinners. For sin is nothing but the idea of death.

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Ascending to Know the Ecstasy of God

The quality of God’s Mind/Thinking is forever ecstatic because everything God creates is balanced and this balance is all God knows. God is never subject to breaking His-Her own law and thereby becoming mentally unbalanced. Man knows of the law for man is one with God, and yet man routinely breaks it, and by his or her reality and identity given to the effects of breaking the law, forgets the Oneness with the Creator of it.

The law is that the concentrated half of every visible part of God’s body is balanced by the equally decentrated or invisible half. Each half acts to equally give to the other half and the reaction to the action of giving to the other is that the other re-gives exactly what was given. The ecstasy of God’s Mind is in the knowledge of the balanced interchange of giving and re-giving between the two opposite conditions.

The constant state of knowing the ecstasy of creating balanced bodies is what man, as the law of balance is followed vs. broken “ascends” to know.

This ecstasy cannot be located within either half of the created body, but in the still center that knows the eternal balance of interchange between the two conditions that create the body.

“Every body is two” (Walter Russell)

Man is continually breaking the law of balanced interchange between the cube (invisible half of every body) and the sphere (visible half of every body) by focusing on either half on its own, and thus manifesting said unbalanced thinking through unbalancing actions. In particular, man believes his or her Self to be the body- specifically the visible half of the body or the system of spheres that makes up its appearance. If he or she doesn’t perceive the visible half of a body, the belief is that the Self of that visible body is dead, or is a ghost existing solely as the invisible half.

And yet the Self is neither the visible nor the invisible half of the body, nor is it the whole body. The Self is the Soul, one in the same as the Soul of God that centers His-Her body, as the still centering point of the cube-sphere of the body that knows of the eternal interchange between the two.

Mankind ascends from the darkness of belief given to the seeming separation of duality, to know of oneness with the whole of his or her body that is as eternal as the body of God’s is. Man ascends from breaking the law of balance and suffering to the extent of his or her imbalanced thinking, to know the ecstasy of being one with the Creator of the law, and therefore being forever one with all of creation.

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Q & A with Darcie French on developing abilities

Q: Why do we not have access to infinite knowledge and abilities? I want to be able to fly like superman! 😉

A: We do have absolute access to knowledge; knowledge is built in. The body is a framework for developing abilities based in that knowledge. 🙂

The first person to think of space travel didn’t get the idea from the empirical evidence of life on the surface of the Earth; the idea came from built in knowledge that is beyond perception of idea seeming to be made manifest.

All ideas come from knowledge, from what God Knows.  All inspiration comes from what one knows in God. If one desires to develop the ability to fly like Superman, by working knowingly with inspired direction, one can. Hold the ability in Mind, and know it can be developed. The how-to comprehension will unfold over time of its own accord.

Man does evolve from homo barbarian, who fearfully believed in separation from Source, and via his defenses, mis-created a nightmare as a result, to cosmic man who ecstatically knows of Oneness. Cosmic man knows he is One with Creator, and simulates an ecstatic life for himself accordingly.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018