Becoming ecstatic man

“I am Beauty. In Beauty must man be born anew. Through Beauty must knowing man become ecstatic man.” (Divine Iliad)

There is the misconception, it seems, that Beauty starts with life and ends with death. Yet Beauty is an ecstatic interchange between the old and the new, and to realize this truth is to transcend the limited senses, and rest forever in the unlimited ecstasy of the interchange.

No genius or mystic loves to remember the body – they forget it routinely to the ecstasy of resting in Beauty’s natural pace. Wholly giving the body over to the Sonship for the Purpose of union in ecstasy, one goes with Beauty’s flow, up and down the octave rhythms of blossoming and fading perception, carefree, unhindered by giving reality to the play on Light. Mind, coupled only by the ecstasy of the Light in continuous conception, the body runs on Autopilot.

God exists to Think His Knowledge into the images of His imaginings. Man exists to Think that Same Knowledge into the images of his imaginings. Man exists to Think like God, to realize the ecstasy of life and death as being only Beauty Being in Love with all of its expressions. Coming to see only Beauty in the wave of creation, does Knowing man evolve to rest the eons in the ecstasy that backs the Making of Love.

Copyright@Darcie French


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