The cold blue light before the hot red, and the rebirth of yellow

In September of 2009, just before the full severance from the senses in the fire the next month, there was the experience of rebirth on the side of Boynton canyon, near Sedona AZ, just as a 100 year flash flood appeared from out of nowhere.

I had been hiking in the blazing sun, without enough water or food and I developed the symptoms of low blood sugar – nausea, muscle weakness, heart palpitations and the unshakable sense of impending doom.  As we hiked, I kept feeling worse and worse but I ignored the body and kept going. I noticed as we went along that accompanying the sense of foreboding was a strange blue light enveloping the trail. We got to our destination, took a couple of pictures, then turned back as I wasn’t well. My friend then decided to run ahead to the parked car, and return with water and food for me. I sat down on the hot red rocks, filled with a terrible red heat, and I said to Self, “I am ok with just dying here.”

A woman came by and gave me a granola bar, which I choked back. The anxiety was really intense. There was very little shade and I had no water. I thought about dying there again, but then I had the thought (that made me laugh) “how would my friend get my body back to Canada?” And then out of the clear blue sky was a flash of lightening, immediately followed by clouds gathering and crashing thunder that let lose buckets of rain all at once.

From imbalance in the blue-red spectrum of degeneration-regeneration I was instantly, gloriously transported to perfect, balanced interchange between the two. My friend found me wholly alive, and filled with laughter when she returned, and we raced back to the car in a flashing, crashing, pouring rebirth of yellow.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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