The Children of Black Holes and Bright Suns

All there is to Know in the Stillness of Balance and comprehend of the illusion of creation for the children of black holes and bright suns is Love Being Love, continuously, without deviation. The illusion is that the universe was created; the truth is that the universe is ongoing creating.

The father sun of Mother-Father God’s solar system, Knowing of Oneness with its own mothering black hole and the inexhaustible method of integrating its mass from it by giving its mass to it, passes down all that is Known to the system’s descendants. The man child of black holes and bright suns evolves to comprehend the Knowledge of how he eternally comes to be, when he realizes that he ever regenerates or re-gives what has first been given.

Nature Knows how to seem to die in order to seem to give birth, She Knows how to refold in order to unfold, and so do all the children in Nature’s Kingdom. Bodies seem to grow in space and reproduce over time, appearing from nothing but the white light of the sun, and the black light that bears the sun’s white. From the sexless and still Mother-Father One Light are set in seeming motion two sex-conditioned opposing lights that work in tandem to refold-to-unfold the Master Playright’s Production. The physical universe is a heterosexual love affair between pairs of opposites of light in seeming motion, it is a sexual interchange between mothering black holes and fathering bright suns; this interchange void of perception of one or the other is Known as indescribable ecstasy. The interchange between Knowledge and Thinking is Love’s Continuous Climax, and the physical universe is Love’s infolding/outfolding origami, or Continuity seemingly interrupted by motion. This interruption is only seeming. There is no separation between Knowledge, and thinking it into and out of its seeming parts. This thinking into and out of is the Universal Pulse Beat.

No one is without the unfolding/refolding Pulse of the Mother-Father. No one is without the Love Principle that all of this cosmic light show is based in.  Just as the sun Knows of its unity with its own black hole by way of giving to it – so do all of the sun’s children Know of their Unity with the Source of light-giving black holes and light-re-giving bright suns by way of their lines in the play that tell them to give back to the heavens. The law of Love is “generate, or degenerate”.

And so do they come to comprehend that the body of God is a tool for creating a world seeming to be in continuous climax with itself, a kingdom based on the Kingdom so perfectly balanced in its interchange between opposites, that only the Balance of God is manifested. The body of man is akin to his vehicle. So long as one remains in balance with universal law by being in conformity with the Love Principle that keeps one generating power, the body can be driven like the car and essentially forgotten about, in exchange for the ecstasy backing it’s creation. When it has fully served its Purpose, it is gently laid by for its upgrade.

Rest in the Love Principle of Love Being ever Given to be reGiven to Self in Perfect Interchange. The ecstasy of Love is in the Knowledge of Balanced Interchange between the opening and the closing of the Flower of Life with no idea of the ecstasy coming to an end, with perfect rest in the Knowledge that Love Being Love is forever. Love is never born, and can never die, nor can the children of black holes and bright suns ever be born, or ever die.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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