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Transcending the fantasy of “never returning”

Q: I think part of my current feelings of being stuck relates to being frustrated that I know how “it is supposed to be” with myself and the world, but realizing neither I nor the world is there yet gets me down.  And the thought of having to repeat continuously, well, YIKES.  The thing that keeps me “going” is my attempts at surrender and acceptance of what just is.  WR (I believe) teaches reincarnation isn’t forever once a person is enlightened.  It seems to me after this lifetime that you are “finished” with this reality of non-reality.  Do you ever have longings about not ever returning?

A: There is nothing wrong, or sinful about manifesting a body of unreality; if that were the case, God would not create any kind of elements to work with. What is incorrect thinking is to correlate the reality and identity of the shared Self of God with the unrealities of perception that are leveraged from the reality of the fulcrum of the Self.

The play is eternal; the elements that make up the body never die – they are what forever repeat and can be worked with as desired. Idea, and desire to embody idea, is eternal. One is forever using the elements created by God to simulate a framework for developing desired abilities. What isn’t eternal is the belief that one is slave to the elements vs. master of them. What isn’t eternal are the emotions that are seemingly attached to polarization and depolarization for re-polarization of the elements and the transforming compilations of them that simulate the ideas backing their use. Emotions are truly only a problem if they are given power over the still, unchanging and eternal fulcrum of Self-control. One with the fulcrum, only ecstasy is known of the interchanging lights of polarization and depolarization.

One ceases being an unknowing actor in the play by becoming a knowing one.  Transformation from an unknowing actor to a knowing one happens by those “ah-ha” moments and/or in a timeless flash; realization is not subject to polarization or depolarization of the current body. The concept of returning is purely theoretical as one never leaves, nor returns, to the fulcrum.

One says, “Yikes!” to the thought of repeating the same unknowing errors, “Hallelujah!” to the knowledge that undoes those errors by their desired transformation. The gaining of knowledge is innate to evolution as mankind desires to know and work with Source. The initial impetus towards gaining this knowledge may seem to take a good deal of effort, but then inertia, the multiplied desire of will of the Self, takes over.

Until man becomes the fulcrum of his Self, through Cosmic knowing he is but an extension of the fulcrum which moves the universe but when his Self becomes the fulcrum of his Self through knowing the Light of universal Self, he then moves the universe.” (Walter Russell, part 12)

Mankind in general is just passing the point of this great effort, and the momentum of inertia is about to kick in. By the realization of Self-power and the application of it, one does indeed become, as you say, “finished with the reality of non-reality”. And yet the body will continue, transformed by desire for new and improved abilities and ecstatically under the control of the will of desire in Mind.

As one comes to live in the “Godhead” and to apply the knowledge in Mind, one with the fulcrum of power that the Self is, one manifests desired abilities by directing the thought levers of movement at will. Knowing how to simulate ideas with bodies without giving identity and reality to them (and therefore without seeming to be an emotional subject of the “life” and “death” of those bodies) is the climax of the play and the end of the unknowing actor. The realization plus application of the power of working with universal law vs. against it ends the seeming entrapment by the “forgetful flesh” and destroys the belief systems that went along with the ignorance of how power works. It is well to accept that mankind is not yet at the period of inertia and to have patience.

As the fulcrum of the universal body is Self-realized and this realization is applied, memory of realization and application of realized knowledge remains intact; there is no longer any of the amnesia of “unknowing”. One knows exactly how the body came to be as it seems, and how to transform the seeming as desired. Repetition of a body continues because desire is ever present within the fulcrum to embody idea — the desire to create is eternal. And yet, embodiment becomes under the Self-control of the knowledge of Oneness with God the Creator of universal law vs. remaining under the spell of seeming separation. It is the sense of separation from the fulcrum of power and control that inspires the “yikes”. It is knowledge of union that inspires the “hallelujahs”. Therefore, forever seek to bring knowledge to the forefront of Mind and to apply it. Please read Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course to that end. After you have read it once, go through the entire thing again. I printed off all the parts and organized them into binders. I read nightly before I go to bed.

No one wants to return to the way things seemed to be prior to the realization that the body manifests and de-manifests to re-manifest under universal law out of desire for it to do so, and that it’s expression is under knowing Self-control. No one wants to return to being slave to matter once matter has been mastered. The fear of being slave to repetition of the way things seem to be while under the spell of separation is only present while the mechanics of reincarnation are theoretical. Once those mechanics are innately realized, and one begins to work knowingly with them instead of unwittingly against them, the glorious truth of knowledgeable reincarnation eradicates the fear. Little by little, or in the blink of an eye, as you go through the course, this knowledge will come to you as your own.

99.9% of us are seemingly born into the flesh unknowing, but we all reach the end of the unknowing acting wherein each and every one of us knows we are the one and only Supreme Person acting as desired, and that our seeming to be individual personal bodies are extensions from the one point that expresses the entirety of desire for the body (which is one in the same as God’s body). Everything one learns is carried forth; it is refolded into one’s seed pattern. Nothing is ever lost. The “speed” at which one reaches the end of the play to be in control of re-patterning the seed is the measure of desire to seek, know, and be God.

The longing to never have to return disappears as one leaves the concept of existence without creation behind, and follows through with the completion of desired conceptions.

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Give not Reality and Identity to the simulation of creation

The direction of movement that seemingly brings to the senses the illusion of “life” and/or “death” is given utmost importance by the ego of consciousness, when all importance lies solely in the imperceptible balanced stillness of the interchange between the two.

To give the Identity and Reality to the duality of motion is to lose the full bearing of the Truth of Oneness with the Creator of the illusion of motion. Giving over Identity and Reality to a simulation is to become as if the created vs. the Creator, and this effort can never be made true. All suffering lies in the belief in separation from the Creator. Separation lies in the effort to become the created, that seemingly splits the Mind into two different realities.

Creation itself is never created, it is but the seeming quantification in parts of the One Idea that lives alone in the stillness of the Kingdom of Heaven in the Mind of the Creator.

Each and every one lives alone in the Kingdom of Heaven, one with the Source of the illusion of ongoing embodiment and disembodiment. One never actually gains the body or loses it. There is no life, nor is there death in the illusion of space and time. There is only one Reality that is forever lived by one Identity. Give not Reality and Identity to the seemingly created, for nothing ever actually is. All that there ever is, is the Life of the One.

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Trinities of Word for Creating the Illusion of Mass – with video

Mind cannot be made physical; matter is 99.9999% space. The attempt to make Mind into a physical reality and identity is incredibly painful; it limits Beingness to less than 1% of Reality and Identity. To make Mind physical is to remove the Son of God from all of his Glory.

The ‘separate self’ is believed to be ‘caught in a net’, and thereby kept apart from the freedom of the Identity and Reality of the One Self. No such separation has ever occurred. The Self is never caught in a net but by the belief that Mind can be made physical. The body is a tool for expressing Love, not a trap to enclose Love. The body has no power to enclose its Source.

How does the Universal One create the illusion of the physical? The power of One is multiplied by division into the illusion of many. The universe of form is God’s formless illusion of motion within stillness. Here are trinities of word groups from the Divine Iliad that describe how the illusion of motion within stillness is created to make the illusion of something appear from nothing.


From Walter Russell, Divine Iliad

Mankind is waking up from the spell of the belief that Mind can be made physical

Happy Easter. Jesus was never born, killed, nor resurrected. He lives forever.

Mind cannot be made physical; all foundations that rest on the premise that Mind can be made physical are false. Love cannot be contained; Adam, when he fell in love with the form of Eve and she reacted in kind, “fell into a deep sleep” by the belief that it could be.

The deep sleep of now being in love with form prevents one from Knowing the Formlessness of the Kingdom of Heaven, Now. Adam and Eve, fast asleep in the dream that Mind can be made physical, in love with the dual images of their One Idea and sleep walking through the motions as if Mind has actually been made physical, are in love with the moving images of their own Idea, yet forever unable to pin them down and keep them. Rest, relief — are ever found in the One Idea of Man in its Magnetic Source, not in the divided electrical images providing the illusion of man and woman. Thus are man and woman forever unable to find lasting happiness in one another; their images are always moving away from one another and back to their One Source. Adam and Eve, in their dream of separation from Formless Love to act as if they are in love with form instead, are like mad donkeys, forever chasing carrots fastened to their own tails.

Love is never located in the electricity of the spacetime illusion; what is magnetically inseparable cannot be separated from its Self and and then electrically contained apart from its Self. Electricity provides the illusion of division from what is magnetically inseparable; Love is completely indivisible. The Magnetic Light of God is 100% positive; it can only be made into the illusion of pairs of electrically interchanging negatives. All electricity is illusion. One lives forever in God’s Magnetic Light as His Idea, one never appears, disappears or reappears from this Light by the illusion of an associated electrical image. Gravity, one of the pairs of opposites, only seems to locate Living Idea, and radiation, gravity’s counterpart, only seems to dissipate its location. Gravity and radiation are controlled by the Image Maker, or the Idea in the Mind of God, not the image made.

To believe in the dream that Mind, which is Love, can be made physical, and to then be made sad or happy by the physical, is to act insane. Sanity is letting go of giving reality to the illusion of form, to rest in Formless Truth.

Read more about the illusion of creating duplicity and the Truth of Oneness in the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

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Q & A with Darcie French on the source of suffering, and how to end suffering

Q: Hello. I understand for the most part, the illusion and its parallel to a movie or play, with us being actors. It’s difficult, however, to imagine the Idea of man to include God viewing us on Earth’s screen in extreme physical pain and suffering, especially as that which is incurred by innocents. I understand the out-of-balance with God concept. I also understand that pain can lead one to discover the Truth, but to think one will continue to experience physical pain and suffering for countless lifetimes to bring about Truth does not appear very loving. Yes, time does not exist, but because we are in the thick of all the muck until coming to the Truth and becoming balanced, what we have to go through seems quite extreme and as I mentioned, not very loving. What comes to mind is an electrical cattle prod. I would appreciate your insight on this matter. Thank you very much!

A: God is the Source of the Idea of Creation, and of all of the concentrating/decentrating/re-concentrating seeds of it, and is the One Source of the seemingly divided Power for the images simulated from their seeds. Images are malleable — man, one with God’s Creative Idea, has the power to mold his own image in a negative manner by breaking universal laws, or in a positive manner by conforming with them.

Suffering is an offshoot of man’s misconception of being separated from Source that occurred with the dawn of consciousness. The concept of suffering came with the prefrontal cortex, when man began to think for himself.

Suffering is attached to the fear that came with this thought as consciousness dawned: “Since I seem to have come into beingness, therefore I could be taken back out of beingness”. Yet one is never actually brought into or out of beingness, one is ever unified in the Source of one’s seed, inseparably balanced in God. The thought that one could be taken out of beingness is the erroneous thought man was supposed to “laugh at” (ACIM), but in his seriousness, he reincarnated/repeated the concept of suffering itself. Suffering is a mis-creation, brought into seeming beingness by projecting away (via thought) from innate balance.

The “cattle prod” tells one of having projected away from balance. It says to release the tension from Mind that is triggering the sensation of imbalance. Release is done by rest in innate balance; there is no “doingness” to releasing tension.

There is no other source of seeming dysfunction than an unbalanced operating system, or than the refusal to let go of hanging onto whatever is preventing rest in balance. Being unbalanced is to deny the shared Will of God (which is to be balanced by Love) by accepting the separate will of the ego (which is to be unbalanced by fear). The literal effect of imbalance is tension, which is experienced as pain. The tension may be released at any time by the release of ego from sovereignty over the Mind, which then allows the Will to be recognized as shared. Only the ego, lead strictly by the senses and false empirical evidence, would have the Son of God suffer.

To share the Will of God, which is to be so utterly balanced that the body functions so perfectly it is virtually forgotten, is to Know only the ecstasy of union with God and all of creation. Man unbalances what is already balanced by taking more from the Sonship than what he gives, and then he suffers the effects of imbalance. The answer to ‘why does man suffer’ is truly as simple as that: he invites it into his own life and to the lives of all who come down from him. The lineage for many generations of one unbalanced coupling may be just as unbalanced. Nature does take supreme control and rectify all imbalance, but it takes time. Many generations may seem to suffer from the unbalanced actions of their ancestors.

God is not “watching suffering” on the earth’s screen; God is only the Love of Creation. Suffering does not exist in the Kingdom of Heaven, which man himself thought to be separated from, and thereby thought he needed to suffer for it, bringing suffering to Mind by his own unbalanced thinking.

Man is intended to be aware only of Love for his creations, also. The “detour into fear” (ACIM) made man suspicious of Love, for no good reason. He had woken up a bit from his animal instinct, and was starting to think for himself, when he mistakenly thought to fear God, the very Source of all needs being met. Release the fear of death, as there is no death — there is only the belief in it — which brings on great suffering because it is utterly false. Without the idea of death, there is no world of suffering to perceive; there is only God’s Love to Know and comprehend. When imbalance by the thought to separate from balance ceases to be, the separation from Source never was.

The images of expanded seeds are not intended by God to be projections of the idea of death for beholding; they are intended to ecstatically repeat in tandem with the universal pulse as the creating body is ecstatically breathed in and out by God. The cattle prod is necessary to learn of how electricity works, and to therefore learn to work with it, not against it. Electricity is at man’s disposal, and to use it the way God does would be to return to the Garden of Eden. To work with electricity is to live virtually unaware of the creative image, yet wholly awake with it and its creativity abilities, with no gaps from Oneness created by attachment to the image and the idea of its death, and with the everlasting memory of God and how to co-create with Him what endures.

The Garden of Eden, or the pre-separation condition, met all needs — there were none. Needs are an offshoot of the belief in separation by the sensation of fear (note, fear is only a sensation): fear/needs are not part of God’s Idea of Man. “When man Knows God, he will no longer need to sense Him.” (Walter Russell)

The Knowledge of God provides everything as needed and as requested — “seek and ye shall receive”; suffering occurs when something else (not love) is sought for, and therefore substituted for what God provides (God provides only the Power of Love — to create or miscreate with this Power is the lesson being learned). Substitutions for met needs may seem to provide a temporary sense of relief from the belief in their being unmet, yet they cannot meet the demand for what God only provides. There are no substitutes for Knowing God’s Balanced Love; there can only be ecstatic simulations of it to comprehend.

Creation, as a whole creating entity, is perfectly, absolutely balanced. To act in accordance with the natural rhythms of Creation is to know Balance, is to know the shared Will of God. As the Will of God is Known to be shared, the Mind relaxes the idea of tension into God’s ecstatic natural rhythms of balanced order, and the body follows suit.

Be still to Know that suffering by the effects of seeming movement cannot be part of the Still Unity of the Kingdom of Heaven. Still the thoughts that create imbalance to Know Supreme Balance in God’s One Thought of Pure Love that one cannot escape from, no matter what. In the supreme rest of one’s innate, inseparable union with God, there is only Love. In this rest, suffering and separation never were, and can never be. This is where the Son of God forever lives; He never inhabits His image.

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Belief in hell

Hell is nothing but the eternity of death interrupted by belief in the moving illusions of life.

“Life is motion. Death is rest… Death is eternal life.” (Walter Russell)

Do the illusions of moving image put to still imagining actually interrupt anything? They do not. Only the belief in them is disruptive. Giving reality to illusion, which is giving permanence to it, creates the ties and bindings for it.

One is ever untied to illusion with God, centering illusion from within, and controlling it from without. Rest belief there, in the Kingdom of Heaven, that is never apart from what one is.

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Hallucinate better

How to let go of the “tiny, mad idea” that the Son forgot to laugh about? Well, collectively, one has “gotta laugh”. But not only that, collectively, we can decide to hallucinate better. Through corrected perception, one may realize instead the happy dream, the dream that counters the idea of death and lack with that of abundance and life.