Q & A with Darcie French on understanding the interchanging desire to unfold and refold

Q: Hello, Darcie. I am having a difficult time determining whether I am in ego or Love. Maybe having that “difficulty” tells me what it truly is! In any event, I am asking advice from you on a personal matter, as I your wisdom is so very evident from your book and your site. I am being prevented from visiting my elderly mother who is in the care of my sister, due to a grudge my sister has against me. My mother will not rock the boat as my sister is, indeed, providing her with excellent physical care, yet my mother is torn because she loves us both and the situation is stressful for her. I have attempted to reconcile the situation, but my sister will not relent. I am able to talk with my mother over the phone. I have legal authority over my mother’s affairs, but do not plan on resorting to that, as it would cause my mother more stress. I have a belief, but cannot be certain, that the stress of this situation has contributed to my mother not eating hardly anything in the past weeks. However, that also may be part of the natural “refolding” process for her present thought body. Ego wants me to jump in and possibly “save” my mother’s health, because if, indeed, her not eating is related to the stress of the situation and I do nothing, I could be contributing to her early demise. Love, however, is keeping me from doing anything except profess my feelings to her over the phone. By doing nothing else, she will be kept from any further stress. Am I in the right lane to simply let it all just be, even if per chance, my non-involvement may, even in a miniscule way, contribute to my mother’s declining health? Your insight is most coveted. Thank you.

A: Desire for unfolding builds until middle age where it plateaus, and then gradually dissipates over the last half of life into the desire to refold. When one is in the thralls of the desire to unfold, the thought of refolding is unthinkable. Looking through the eyes of a younger person, the younger person, in the thrall of the desire to unfold, cannot possibly understand how the elderly person could desire to refold, and the same applies vice versa. The elderly person, having spent the bulk of charge and desiring to refold and recharge, cannot possibly describe the same state of desire as the younger person desiring to continue to discharge. And yet it is all the same interchanging desire to sequentially rest in, and express Love. There is no “doer” that can make outer changes to inner desire’s intention. One is always in the right lane to let go of the illusion of the doer.

Fear of untimely death arises from the desire to unfold without the peace of knowing that refolding will be just as desired when the time comes. It is believed by those in the thralls of activity that the rest and recovery of death, when it comes, will be unwanted. Yet the recovery of death after life’s charge has been discharged is always wanted, just as the night is always wanted after the day.

One is forever in Love’s Timeless Care. The ego cannot stall, nor hurry time, but it can make the Now seem timed, if it is given the Power of Love.

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