Mankind is waking up from the spell of the belief that Mind can be made physical

Happy Easter. Jesus was never born, killed, nor resurrected. He lives forever.

Mind cannot be made physical; all foundations that rest on the premise that Mind can be made physical are false. Love cannot be contained; Adam, when he fell in love with the form of Eve and she reacted in kind, “fell into a deep sleep” by the belief that it could be.

The deep sleep of now being in love with form prevents one from Knowing the Formlessness of the Kingdom of Heaven, Now. Adam and Eve, fast asleep in the dream that Mind can be made physical, in love with the dual images of their One Idea and sleep walking through the motions as if Mind has actually been made physical, are in love with the moving images of their own Idea, yet forever unable to pin them down and keep them. Rest, relief — are ever found in the One Idea of Man in its Magnetic Source, not in the divided electrical images providing the illusion of man and woman. Thus are man and woman forever unable to find lasting happiness in one another; their images are always moving away from one another and back to their One Source. Adam and Eve, in their dream of separation from Formless Love to act as if they are in love with form instead, are like mad donkeys, forever chasing carrots fastened to their own tails.

Love is never located in the electricity of the spacetime illusion; what is magnetically inseparable cannot be separated from its Self and and then electrically contained apart from its Self. Electricity provides the illusion of division from what is magnetically inseparable; Love is completely indivisible. The Magnetic Light of God is 100% positive; it can only be made into the illusion of pairs of electrically interchanging negatives. All electricity is illusion. One lives forever in God’s Magnetic Light as His Idea, one never appears, disappears or reappears from this Light by the illusion of an associated electrical image. Gravity, one of the pairs of opposites, only seems to locate Living Idea, and radiation, gravity’s counterpart, only seems to dissipate its location. Gravity and radiation are controlled by the Image Maker, or the Idea in the Mind of God, not the image made.

To believe in the dream that Mind, which is Love, can be made physical, and to then be made sad or happy by the physical, is to act insane. Sanity is letting go of giving reality to the illusion of form, to rest in Formless Truth.

Read more about the illusion of creating duplicity and the Truth of Oneness in the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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