How the lights of Adam and Eve weave, un-weave and re-weave the One Creating Thing

Adam and Eve ascend us-as-One to the Knowledge of how the Garden of Eden is Self-creating by simulating between universal members the Balanced Love Interchange between God and His/Her Idea of Man, the One Whole Creating Thing that is eternally expressed.

One evolves from an unKnowing single sun-seed of Father-Mother God’s containing the whole Idea of Creation and all of its seemingly individual parts to be unfolded, until the entire creating system wholly, ecstatically, Knows of the Purpose of refolding back into Oneness with the Source of it. The Grand Finale of the Cosmic Play is that the illusion of being separated from Source/Love by death dissolves in Real Time. Total Knowledge transcends the limitations of the perception of only its parts. Unfolding (life) and refolding (death) cease being viewed as separate states, to ecstatically become One Eternity with Love Being Love. The seeming separation from life by death disappears.

Images of My imaginings which grow from Earth, and those which freely move, all of these things grow and move through extended light of My dynamic thinking until they themselves can think with Me.” (Divine Iliad)

Adam and Eve are God’s dual light-worker(s) Who, through God’s “dynamic thinking”, weave and un-weave to re-weave the light spectrum tapestries of the Cosmic Play as the Son of God, the Idea of Man in the Mind of God, ascends through the seeming eons of his/her seeming incarnations to Knowingly co-create with the Father-Mother’s universal laws as One Creating Thing. The Son ascends to “think with Me” — to Know and comprehend only the One Love of Self-creating.

Mankind goes from seeming individuals relying on the material (Self’s outer architecture) for “temporary survival”, to Self-creating — from the inside out — a Balanced Love Life for eternity.

God is One. The Nature of God Knows how to create by rhythmic, equal and balanced interchange of one volume. A Balanced Love Life simulates the Love Interchange of unfolding to refold that is God Self-Creating. The Same Uncreated Self of Love eternally creates by the illusion of Self-division into the two seemingly separate lights of creation that weave it back together to appear as One. Adam and Eve are the two simulated lights that reflect God’s dynamic thinking by sequentially alternating the unfolding and refolding of the One Idea of Self. The creating Self is Known by the continuous Ecstatic Interchange of unfolding and refolding; the Self is forever creating, it is never created. Identify the eternal Self with the word “creating” vs the word “created”.

For most of his/her evolution (the bulk of the temporal time frame of eons), mankind is lead instinctively by the senses to bind together the Creating Thing to be Known, and comprehended, as One. The sensing of the One Creature becomes cellular memory. As s/he knows of the Oneness of the Creature and the Creator, the sensing of the illusion (illusion is the only way to sense the non-sensitive) of duality is no longer necessary. Intuition of non-perceptual Knowledge becomes One’s guide, until Ecstatic Knowledge of Oneness includes all causes of all illusions of duality. Illusion no longer deceives as its truth in cause has been unveiled. The necessity of sensing the illusion of unbalance is transcended by the ecstasy of Knowing Balance, and thereby is the effect of unbalance contained in Source.

An effect that never leaves Balance cannot be experienced; One who Knows Balance and wishes to rest in Balanced Love Begetting refrains from setting in seeming motion unbalancing effects. Restraint from projecting the emotions that seem to divide the Formless Heaven of Now into the illusion of entrapment by form, now, is preferred. Attack is always perceived as physical; because the physical is meant for manifesting nonlinear Love, it is therefore the only place that attack can seem to occur.  Matter is 99.9999% space. Limit not the Self to the less than 1% of a percent of Mind that seems to appear only to seek balance, and disappear once found. Mind is Perfectly Balanced.

Adam and Eve are the One Father-Mother God’s two-illusive-opposing-sex-conditioned unbalanced lights that periodically find the illusion of balance in one another to reproduce simulations of the One Father-Mother’s Balanced Love Begetting.

Male and female conditioning (duality) is a matter of the preponderance of the concentrated or decentrated Volume of One Love. Adam is the total Volume of the cubic wave field mostly concentrated; Eve is the opposite yet conjoined state, or the total Volume mostly decentrated. Eve is the empty space or dark light from which Father-Mother concentrates Adam, or incandescent light, and she is born again from Adam’s decentration. As Adam unfolds the Idea of Self out to Eve, she refolds, in a continuous line, the Idea back into Adam. This interchange between unfolding and refolding of One Volume of Beingness is continuous, and never deviates from its pattern of giving to regive what was given.

The Quality of the Knowledge of the Interchange between life and death for the purpose of extending life is ineffable; it is the very Quality of Love Becoming more of the same Love, continuously, without deviation. This Quality is what God wants His Children to Think with Him and Know as the basis for the comprehension of form appearing and disappearing. Unbalanced form appears from Formless Balance, and disappears back into it, to spring again into appearance. This appearance and disappearance is Known to be effortless and ecstatic, so long as One identifies not with unbalanced form, and One identifies instead with Formless Balance.

Adam, and then Eve, seem to come and go together as the dual creative elements of the Life Pulse of the Universal One. Adam seems to appear first, yet his appearance could not have been without the decentration of One Volume that is Eve; Adam’s appearance is only first visibly. The notion that man is superior to woman because Adam was apparently “created first” is absurd. The notion that woman could be superior to man is equally as absurd. Male and female are the equal interchanging polarities of One Genderless Father-Mother Source.

Adam and Eve are creating the illusion of one another, together, simultaneously as One. Eve is the black hole becoming the bright sun, Adam is the bright sun becoming the black hole. Eve is the base of the pyramid of the positional cone of perception becoming the apex, and Adam is the apex becoming the base. Adam is the incandescent sphere becoming the dark cube of space, and Eve is the dark cube of space becoming the incandescent sphere.

Father-Mother God’s “Sons” are all eternally sexually active cube(Eve)-sphere(Adam)s; within each, half of their children expressed appear preponderantly male, half appear preponderantly female. Male and female, together, represent the One Father-Mother.

Preponderance of concentration of matter and vapidity of space is interchanged within One Volume by the simultaneous processes of gravity and radiation. Neither are separate from the Universal One Light, they are but electrically conditioned (by God’s dynamic thinking) opposing negative reflections of One Positive Idea.

Gravity is the preponderantly male conditioned light based in the desire to concentrate matter, and give visible form to invisible idea. Gravity locates the parts of the idea to be expressed, and sensing those parts seems to bind them to the One. Radiation, the female conditioned light, then de-locates, or desensitizes, what was woven — for the purpose of Idea’s simultaneous reproduction and evolution; Eve takes the concentrated and sensed light-weavings apart, in order to continue to extend the form of the idea by re-giving them for re-concentration. Eve refolds into the new seed what Adam unfolds from the old seed; it is all the same seed being updated by evolution. The sands of the Son’s hour glass never run out; the “end” of Eve’s time is ever the beginning of “Adam’s”. The heterosexuality of One is not black and white, but shades of grey. No male is 100% male. No female is 100% female. Both are, in One, Genderless.

One does not sense “the past” because the weavings of those days have been desensitized by evolution. The past is forever “moot”, as it is ever deconstructed for further extension. The memories of experience become cellular, instinctive — built in.

Creation is like Father-Mother’s quilt of cube-sphere Daughter/Sons Who simulate together by the illusion of movement the still Oneness of the entire project. With cubic wave fields containing moving sphere systems within, each is simulation of One Love as they interchange their beingness in one another to simulate the Love Begetting of the Still Self of God, Being in Love.

What is unwoven or radiated back to seed ecstatically no longer has any sensual basis, though all of the non-sensed, nonlinear memory records are transferred through the eternal extension of the idea’s expression. Adam and Eve weave, un-weave, and forever re-weave the framework-of-light for the Idea of Man, Who is the Genderless Son of God, forever repeating by interchange between seeming appearance, and seeming disappearance. Give not reality, nor identity, to the lights or the weavings of Adam and Eve. Rest in the Ecstatic Interchange between unfolding and refolding that is the eternal Pulse Beat of Life, of Love Being Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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