Ask Jesus over

How do you feel about the Jesus from the Christian Bible? Does the thought of him bring peace to mind, or is it quickly buried in guilt? When you think of Jesus Christ, do you think of the crucifixion, or the resurrection?

Staring at the body of Jesus hanging on a cross will make ego “happy” (as in confirm the belief in separation) but you will feel terrible. One will never feel comfortable in the belief that “Jesus died for our sins”, because he didn’t actually die. And one will miss the whole point of the crucifixion, which was to prove that guilt and sin are not real. Get out of church, if it becomes obvious that the religion is but one of separation from Source vs unity.

Think only of the nonlinear resurrection and the fact that Jesus lives eternally as the Christ, as the One Son. Beyond the seeming appearance and disappearance of an image, Jesus was never born, and he never died. He never left Awareness. He is only the one Son that lives forever as Love.

The nonlinear resurrection proves that sin is not real, that the killing of the body of Jesus was metaphysically nothing.

So have Jesus over for dinner, because he is alive and well if you want him to be. Set a place for him. Serve him food even, if you wish, and eat what he doesn’t, because his “leftovers” are blessed. Talk to him. You may not “see” him (maybe you will), but because you invited him, you will Know his Presence.

Ask him to spend the night. Make a bed for him. Call him for coffee in the morning. Bring him to work with you. Send him off to school with the kids … ❤

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