Making and moving mountains

I believed I was separated from Source by my own so-called “bad karma” of bodily existence and that if Source found me, it would take me out of bodily existence. Essentially, I believed I was unworthy of Being the Love that is Creation and is my own Self.

Out of that belief, mountains of “sin” appeared on an event horizon. If there was a God, I believed he was very angry with me for my actions. My fearful thoughts continued to be projected out – they were too scary to own – and I was continually met with the overwhelming sense of being bound by form. The more fearful I was, the more mountain ranges seem to arise.

I came to know I could change my thoughts and therefore see things differently. It says in ACIM, “…thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.” (Text p.31)

The making of the world (and its unmaking) is constantly going on in the mind that is seemingly split from Knowing Love. All thoughts make form on some level – whether they be perceived as shifting matter, living protoplasm or as nonlinear bliss. Fearful thoughts make mountains, while loving ones move them.

Mountains that were at one time thought to be an asset to the split mind are moved when they become perceived as a liability. The split mind is making, and moving mountains all the time. The unstable nature of physical geography demonstrates the mind’s nonlinear volatility in it’s various beliefs. “Here” we have this mountain range forming, and “here” we have this one sinking back down. Man looks at nature and says some activities are welcome, and others are disaster – yet he pays little attention to what he is holding in mind, and seemingly scripting to life.


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