Love’s Supreme Control

The Son of God is Guiltless; He is but an extension of Love. What the ego makes with the Son’s power and says is reality is like a movie playing on a tangible screen. Subjectively through the body’s senses the Son is convinced he is at the mercy of the virtual events he watches unfolding around him; he has forgotten the Supreme Control of his Source/Self.

God” is only Love and so is “His Son”. Source is only Love, and so is its extension. Supreme Control is “God” keeping all of “Himself” together always in Love. Supreme Control is Love. Love is the only Reality created by Source. It is possible to make Reality appear to give rise to a virtual world of darkness and limitation, but it is not possible to stay in such a world. One resumes Knowing one’s ever present state as God’s Son, as Love.

Universal form, which includes the body, provides a set of learning tools to perfect free will. Perfecting free will is about letting attention to the hallucination that the Son is divided go. Everyone sheds the tools used to navigate this realm when it is wholly known that Self’s Will is absolutely shared. “God’s” Will and Self’s Will are one in the same – to extend Love.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna shows Arjuna an image of the universal form to share the Knowledge that every “soul” or “seemingly separated son” resumes Being under Supreme Control. No matter what the karma of the lifetime in the flesh, every embodiment remains the Son of God.

All judgment against the Guiltlessness of the Son is obviously false, and serves only to make the belief in separation from Truth seem more solid for a time; the spin and gravity of sin and guilt seems to intensify. People may appear to be “monsters” – yet no form, not monster-like nor lovely, is the Son’s Reality. What can never be true in the Light of Truth can never be Truth’s Reality.

Practically speaking, it’s ok to speak one’s mind about the effects of the belief in separation from Source. It does not make one “less spiritual” to recognize the Love within all, and simultaneously to speak about “avoiding the poison ivy”. Looking at the illusion that seemed to bring one away from Truth dispels it.

The belief in form apparently manifests. The belief in separation from Source appears to be real. The world does seem to be full of “sin”, because the world is the result of the belief in it. There is no sense in denying that people of this world do believe in this world and in the unreality of sin, and at the same time, there is no sense in making time away from Home seem even more uncomfortable by catering to those beliefs. One can literally stand and watch the comings and goings of the universal form without fear, and in great Peace, knowing all is under Love’s Supreme Control.



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