Falsehood disappears as Truth is Known

I used to believe karma could follow the Son of God ‘from lifetime to lifetime’. That belief left, as it is Known that consciousness itself never was. In the Light of Self; there is no such device as consciousness. There is only Awareness that is one’s Absolute Birthright. Everything consciousness dreams up is mind fiction, including the belief that karma can ‘escape’ the confines of the belief in separation from Source. Karma is restricted to that very confine. With Known Unification, all belief dissolves in Relief.

Each time the perceptual illusion that is the material world and its inhabitants comes into view, notice it does so wholly and completely. Time/space is illusion that appears with perception, as is the belief that evolution happens in degrees of time. One cannot pick the space/time illusion apart into past and future parts of it to try and make sense of one’s ‘position’ in it. The entire illusion comes into view each time consciousness is employed, and it completely, wholly disappears in the Absolute State. One can simplify karma tremendously by locating it strictly in the realm of consciousness and the domain of ego; assuring that One Self that is Birthright remains ever unaffected by the split that makes separation seem real.

“There can be no consciousness without Awareness.” Nisargadatta Maharaj. He also said that “consciousness will carry on without you.” I can verify this; in the Absolute State wherein consciousness never was, the body/Earth was forgotten. Yet the body still carried on doing what it was karmically set to do.

Wholly remembering Self forgets the body, and employing consciousness brings it into view. It’s all ‘happening’ now; all that needs ‘resolution’ is the belief that what consciousness dreams up is real. Consciousness presents but one illusion, opposing but one Truth. At any time one so wills, all contents of consciousness can be surrendered in the name of absolute context. All falsehood disappears, as Truth is Known.


8 thoughts on “Falsehood disappears as Truth is Known

  1. ACIM speaks of a Creator and Created relationship in “Heaven”. Is this true? Or, is that something ACIM states for the benefit of students that cannot yet accept that they are indeed “God”?

    Thank you for your time. 🙂


    1. Awareness of the Creator/Created relationship is Heaven. Consciousness imagines Heaven to be a place of resolution between bodies of form or ‘separated minds’ vs resumption of the nonlinear direct relationship with Creator that ‘undoes’ all belief in form. There is no space/time illusion as part of the relationship between Creator and Created – Knowledge of the relationship is direct, whole, complete; ‘in Heaven’ the idea of separation from one’s Identity never was; the idea of Heaven never was — consciousness — that which apparently separates from Awareness to observe a seemingly separate self never was. There is no form attached to Self-Identification – Heaven is formless direct knowledge of true Identity. Often, Heaven is described as having form – indeed within consciousness, there are ‘heavenly realms’ with form; but in this experience, they are all known to still be part of the illusion of separation. Heavenly realms are of the domain of consciousness and the belief in separation from Source; it seems they are of the high end of duality, of higher mind’s ideas about ‘the way back Home’. All form ‘never was’ part of the Absolute Heaven of the ever present nonlinear relationship that is Creator/Created.


  2. Thank you for your reply.

    By Creator and Created, is that a relationship of one being with itself? I always imagine it to be two beings, even though I know that can’t be correct.


    1. One Creator extending Itself is Creation; the extension of God is His Son or own Self and the quality of that Self is Love. “God is as incapable of creating the perishable as the ego is of making the eternal” ACIM To create like God is to allow the natural extension of Love; metaphysically, identification with a split from extending Love is the ‘tiny, mad idea’ that makes the world of form/’sin’ appear and seem real. There is One Son or Self and Awareness of Self is identical to Awareness of Oneness with Creator. Division is of the ego. “The ego is the mind’s belief that it is completely alone” ACIM ~ when listening to ego and viewing the perceptual world, it is impossible to Know the ever Unified Father/Son relationship. Ask the Holy Spirit, and Awareness of Creation extending through you will be unveiled from within; the Holy Spirit is the Memory of Self.


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