Falsehood disappears as Truth is Known

I used to believe karma could follow the Son of God 'from lifetime to lifetime'. That belief left, as it is Known that consciousness itself never was. In the Light of Self; there is no such device as consciousness. There is only Awareness that is one's Absolute Birthright. Everything consciousness dreams up is mind fiction, … Continue reading Falsehood disappears as Truth is Known

Differences can never actually Be

For the spiritual student, analyzing the ego's illusions vs deferring to the Holy Spirit can be attractive to the intellect. In this way, which is counter to spiritual progress, the intellect operates as a kind of glamorized self-pride. It categorizes and keeps what it thinks to be valuable spiritually, and projects what it thinks to … Continue reading Differences can never actually Be

One Answer to many questions

The Holy Spirit or the Voice for God, which exists in all of us, does not look at differences in perception. He sees past illusion and looks straight to Truth.  The ego says to look at the perceived differences and make something out of them. All that is made of them by ego is more … Continue reading One Answer to many questions