Gray matter

It was the ego-self’s quitting Love that, metaphysically speaking, brought paradise down. The ego part of the mind that clings to the thought of quitting Love naturally threatens your suicide, in order to bring about your allegiance to the idea of separation through paralyzing grief. And yet, it could never actually do it, because it doesn’t have the power to quit itself. It can, however, attempt to make you want to quit yourself, the Self Love made, in the effort to keep quitting Love, and to stay out of Paradise.

Yes, you made the split; you made ego. You left Love; you turned away. You made up the part of mind that claims a skeleton as its little dusty self and sits on each of its bony shoulders as “devil” and “angel”. You, by listening to ego, the voice that allows you to feel separate from Love, cast yourself out of Paradise for a life of duality, and then blamed Love for not being part of the illusion.

All this was enfolded by the split mind into the many twists and turns of the human brain. “Look, the separation is real”, says the ego-self as it surveys the body. “I live in this grey matter, right here”.

Listen not to a hallucination that has not served you well. The ego-self has only served to keep you from Knowing Heaven. Choose instead to serve Self by letting the propensity to believe in hallucinations go. Unveil Heaven. Close your eyes; look Within. Dedicate time to the peace of Self-Inquiry. Know that Thy Self’s Reality is ever unaffected by ego-self’s thoughts of suicide; know that Self is perfectly unharmed, unable to be harmed, and harmless.

What the mind, through the body’s eyes, sees is but illusion – the illusion that Love and Light can be quit, and that darkness instead can preside. Realize with the Grace that you Are that Love can never be quit; it can only seem to be cloaked, for a time.

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