ego-self love vs Self-Love

Ego-self’s idea of love is not as Self Wills Love – Self Wills Love Wholly, Completely, and Perfectly with no exceptions. Ego self’s idea is of “special” love accorded to fragments of the whole only – the kind of “love” used for sacrificing imaginary selves in order to avoid the Truth of Self’s Will – and evolve the imaginary “better” ego-self.

Ego and karma are the same thing; without ego making up all these imaginary selves that seem better than the last, but never good enough to last, there would be nothing to record on the karmic track. To know the Real Self is to Know One Self in a completely karma/ego-less State.

Let ego, and its concept of karmic guilt, go. The ego will appear to destroy all relationship with Self by devotion to the belief in the need for endless dusty rounds of birth and death. Remember, though, that the ego is only a hallucination. Look away from it. Allow Love instead; know your Real Self. You will not want to try and understand ego-self’s idea of love anymore; you Will Be the Love you Are.

Self-Love is Clean. Clear. All-inclusive. Perfect. Eternal. Self-Love is of the Spirit, and has nothing to do with the material; Self-Love has nothing to do with form. Healing is joining Self and sharing in Will. Self can’t listen to material requests, for Self Only Wills Love. Share Self Will, and the constant vigilance in the name of keeping up with form will lose its appeal. Self not only “Loves you”, but “Loves for you”.

Ego-self’s idea of love is tainted. Clouded. Exclusive. Imperfect. Temporary. Ego-self’s idea of love has everything to do with the material; it’s allegiance is with bodies when bodies cannot join; only the mind can join, because it already is joined. Ego-self believes a gathering of bodies implies union, but does not account for the fact that a body cannot join in mind. It does not admit that each body is present in order to house private thoughts split from the sharing of Mind.

In the Kingdom of Self there is not the phenomenon of bodily separation; the Self is One. There are no privately housed separate thoughts. There is no idea of darkness; life is not split into “day and night”, “winter and summer”, “hot and cold”. There is no duality, no compartmentalization, no fragmentation, no degrees of change. Self -Love is the Only Thought throughout the Kingdom.

The ego-self, the mind’s “split” from Self’s Only Thought, thinks up infinite ideas counter to Self-Love, and makes and unmakes them in the material. Ego-self’s thoughts are but destructive; they are not creative, because in duality, each thought is eventually cancelled out by it’s opposition. All thoughts make or break form; form is what appears to be “made” and then “destroyed” when “cancelled” by its opposing thought. Each night in the material realm cancels out an entire day, and the ego-self, mad by its own inability to make anything permanent, insomniacs over its lack of control. Great cities for bodies to gather are painstakingly put up and then quickly destroyed – that is ego-self’s idea of “creation” – not Self’s. Ego-self is forever making form it’s home, and then blaming Self for form’s lack of permanence.

Self is not the one making and destroying form, ego-self is. Bodies are born to live and die, live and die, live and die and the Earth is but a graveyard to them, a giant recycling yard for ego-self’s dusty little selves. The ego-self and its makings all lead to death, and death, and more death. Ego-self will say, “You did this, you spun this mess,” because it wants you to self-destruct from the gravitational pressure of guilt. Don’t. There is no need. The “last useless journey to the cross” has been journeyed.

It is nothing that the ego-self has made. Do not listen to the voice for ego-self, which gives value to the temporary material only, and occludes the unchanging Fact of the Permanent Kingdom, which is made only of Self Love, and is everything. The ego-self has made what is not-love, what is nothing. There is no need for guilt over nothing.

You are not what the twisted part of mind, seemingly separated from The Presence of Self in the Present and held apart from the Kingdom of Self, would have you believe you are. Look beyond what ego-self would say is “your guilty mess” to undo, to your Eternal Truth that is already Done.

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