Gray matter

It was the ego-self's quitting Love that, metaphysically speaking, brought paradise down. The ego part of the mind that clings to the thought of quitting Love naturally threatens your suicide, in order to bring about your allegiance to the idea of separation through paralyzing grief. And yet, it could never actually do it, because it … Continue reading Gray matter

The Self, Realized

The activity within consciousness makes up a very small “part” of nonlinear Self, the part that is obviously seemingly limited by its own subjective experiential parameters. Consciousness is not capable of being aware of anything beyond the subjective experience of the information contained by the event horizon. Consciousness can't know its own oneness with God/Self; … Continue reading The Self, Realized

Desire Fulfilled

Consciousness produces the realm of perception. Consciousness is ego's domain and stems from the part of mind that fictitiously believes in separation from Source. Devoid of consciousness is Spirit's Awareness of the shared Will of God/Love/Source only, which is the ongoing extension of Love from Father to Son or Creator to Creation. The Son wants … Continue reading Desire Fulfilled

Mind in Love

How mind in Love with Itself is mind at peace, with quotes from Dr David R Hawkins' book Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man: “Q: Your descriptions of advanced spiritual states are in third person. Why is that? A: The phenomena described are not personal and are therefore termed 'conditions' or 'states' that are self-existent. There … Continue reading Mind in Love