Untouched by “the sons of man”

Everything appears chaotic in a realm where perceptual duality reigns and thoughts of difference rule. And yet, chaos and difference are only illusions.

Chaos is but an adverb invented by the son of man to describe the Son of God in a separated-from-Heaven state, insanely trying to make something out of nothing. Difference can only describe illusions held by the son of man; difference can never describe the essence of the Son of God. Untouched by duality or the appearance of the sons of man, Stillness, or the Son of God Within, is the only consistent Reality.

I am not that which is in constant motion going this way and that and appearing to gain and lose, but with no seeming cohesive integrity. I am that which is essentially still: ever peaceful, ever fulfilled, ever complete, ever untouched by the sons of man.

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