Self-Inquiry is the only exit

The man who ate himself to death didn’t die; he is alive and well in the general consciousness as desire.

Weighing close to a ton, after many costly interventions, it appeared to come down to this: he wanted to eat and would not stop until the side effects of obesity killed him. Whenever this truth was presented to him, by professionals and laymen alike, he got angry and outsourced the blame; his obesity was never his responsibility. He could only briefly operate in the level above desire (anger). He laid on his bed and whined and complained until his wife brought him his fast food. When his wife eventually left him, he took some pills in retaliation and left his physicality.

His biggest complaint while in the flesh was he “couldn’t do anything for himself”. It was clear to viewers that he was upset that he couldn’t get his own food anymore, and that if/when he ever could, he would simply resume his old pattern of “doing things for himself” (and would end up back in bed).

The man who ate himself to death is presented to the world as if a tragedy, and yet, it is simply the way things are ’round here – most of the people of the world today (in this age of abundance and excess) choose consumption as the method for turn around. By turn around I mean the exchange of form that happens with birth and death (reincarnation). Desire for something different prompts the leaving of Heaven and opens the door for material entanglement. Once entangled, the cycle continues forever – unless one hears something like this: Self-Inquiry is the only exit.

The man who ate himself alive is not dead, he is simply inhabiting new form as unwitting (mode of ignorance) self-willed self-imprisonment. Desire in consciousness will inhabit new form until it can no longer be fulfilled in that form. The old form is released, the new one is attached to, and the cycle continues.

“The wise lament neither the living nor the dead” Lord Krishna said; the illusion of finality promoted by the masses being clearly insane to the wise.

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