Can the body remain a certain biological age indefinitely?

Q: I have a question about healing, is it possible to heal the body completely, even to the point of remaining a certain biological age indefinitely? I think ACIM talks about having a healthy body that is then gently laid aside when it is no longer needed, something along those lines… 🙂

A: The body is never created as a static entity but is a reflection of eternal creativity; it is forever a seeming to be moving reflection of the thinking of its Creator, the unmanifest Self.

Here is a brief summary of the workings of Creation (for the in-depth explanation, I highly recommend studying Walter and Lao Russell’s course on Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy) :

Like the sun and its black hole of space that interchange to express all the parts of Creation, all bodies are the dual expression of their one volume of Idea. Each body is a radial expression of two halves or preponderant states of motion sequentially interchanging between pulling light radially inward toward a central point and dispersing light radially outward away from a central point – one half is preponderantly evacuated-of-light-waves space, and the other is preponderantly concentrated light waves. Concentrated light waves include the senses which detect concentrations of light while expanded light-waves are out of the range of the senses.

Half of the human body extends its roots of concentration into the Earth from which it is extended as a part of the Earth’s concentrated state, and the other extends far out into space as the other half of the body from which its concentration is derived. Both halves eternally interchange; all bodies sequentially “breathe” in to generate or concentrate light from the givings of its other half (until middle age, the preponderance of motion is concentrative or generative), and then breathe out to degenerate or decentrate light to regive it to its source of borrowing (post-middle age, radiative motion gains preponderance) for re-expression. The body continually alternates its preponderance between concentration and expansion (growing or generating until middle age and then the two way flow of gravitation/radiation reverses and radiation gains preponderance).

When bodies “die”, they have actually just “gone out” of the range of sensing; they are preponderantly expanded or breathed out to their decentrated pattern in space and “on the way” to being preponderantly concentrated again. No stage of the body’s creating is ever static; it is always changing states of motion.  Life is not in the motion of the body. The changeless Idea of Man never becomes the changing body of man.

A body that reflects the balanced thinking of God, the Creator holding in Mind the Idea of Man, will be balanced and therefore healthy. Thus, healing the body to the point where it is healthy until it is laid aside for its resurrection is possible by thinking with God. A balanced body is an expression of Love through the physical. Simulating balance is always comfortable as there is no sense of separation from Source. Unbalanced thinking sources the belief in separation and illnesses that “speed up”, or increase the preponderance of the motion of “breathing out” or “death” prematurely.

Can bodies be healed to the point of staying “forever young” or “remaining a certain biological age indefinitely”? No, that would be directly counter to the natural law that governs the two-way flow of gravitation and radiation. Preponderantly concentrated bodies are borrowed evacuations of light-waves from space and all borrowings are paid back in the name of continuity of expression.

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