Glossary of terms: Awareness


Awareness of Love Being is Absolute; Awareness of Love Being is All-Knowledge.

Adam‘s Awareness is Absolute, but seems divided by his dream of perceptual unrealities, the contents of which are continually embodied in consciousness and disembodied in unconsciousness. When Adam wakes from the dream of consciousness/unconsciousness, he realizes that he is under Supreme Control as God’s Idea, and that he, being co-creator of illusion, is in control of the inferior qualities of God that we call consciousness and unconsciousness. He comes to remember that he is eternally working with Magnetic God on manifesting the electrical body of the Supreme Idea of Man.

*Awareness vs consciousness: Awareness is Absolute and is not cyclical like consciousness. Consciousness and unconsciousness of embodied ideas seems to obscure eternal formless Awareness by representing expressions of “life vs death”. Death, the other half of life that is necessary for activity, is believed by the sense-lead ego to be “an end”, vs the beginning all over again.

From the Glossary of terms under development for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life.


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