Glossary of terms: Lightworker Adam


Adam, the preponderantly male light-worker, in balanced tandem with preponderantly female Eve, spins perceptual unrealities that are not Absolute. The images they spin are not entwined in God’s Being as the Son of God is — they are sensed for a time, and are not Known in Timelessness.

The images woven by Adam and Eve are God’s electrical imaginings, or effects; the Son of God is Magnetic like the Father, and is Indivisibly One with Cause. Adam dreams with Eve of divisions of Oneness wherein they alternate their preponderance of sex conditioning, ever with the goal of perfect intercourse, and they multiply their electrical divisions to infinity, to simulate the wholeness of “their” One Undivided Magnetic Self.

Adam, when he is mature and in his prime, is one equal half of the whole Idea of Man made seeming-to-be manifest. Eve is the other. Adam cannot appear nor disappear without Eve in her prime, nor can Eve without Adam in his.

From the glossary of terms in the works for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

Copyright@Darcie French 2017

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