Glossary of terms: Atonement for Self

Atonement for Self

The ACIM speaks to accepting theAtonement for Selfas being the end of time or the return to Timelessness. The Atonement is the end of giving reality to duality by the realization of the eternal truth of Oneness.

Accepting the Atonement for Self releases one from belief in the timed-in body; it allows one to forget the body and rest in the eternal Timelessness of Source. The body is potential appearing out of place, ever being “drawn back” to the inertia of its nonlinear seed in Source. The  nervous system cannot impact the dimensionless Self; the nervous system and its records of dimension are not part of the Self’s Eternity. To remember the nervous system and concurrently call it the Self is to recall limitation, and thereby crucify the Son of God.

Accepting the Atonement for Self “releases the Christ from the cross”, which changes brain physiology.  Accepting the Atonement frees Mind to use the body to act with Love vs fear. The Atonement accepted, one is free to manifest God.

From the Glossary of terms under development for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017



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