Glossary of terms: Authorship


God Authors Life. The voice for ego, that seems to drown out the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit that ever leads Man back to Idea in Source, believes that satisfying the waking senses through consumption of effects means authoring life. Only Magnetic Cause Authors Life; electrical effects are but reflections of Authorship.

Ever defer to the Authority of the Voice for God; the voice for ego as it describes in terrible awe the seeming power of electricity does nothing but attempt to frame the Son of God in the fear of the death of what is only illusion. The moving electrical body of Man, never existing at any point in time, never leaves the Timeless Magnetic Stillness of the Idea of Man in Source. The Magnetic Idea of Man is forever in place, but the electrical image of man is not. The electrical image is the potential of the Idea, seeming to be out of place.

The Son of God is never born and never dies. One with the Father, the Son ever Interchanges in the Father in Love. This Interchange is what God has Authored forever, and is the Pulse of Life to rest in and to Know.

From the glossary of terms for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

Copyright@Darcie French 2017

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