Be Still and Know Oneness with the Light

You are one with the undivided, sexless magnetic Father-Mother Light centering from within and controlling from without all sexed interchange between divided male and female electric light that produces the illusion of mass moving through space in time. Your body is a reflection of your thinking like all of creation is a reflection of God's … Continue reading Be Still and Know Oneness with the Light

Q & A with Darcie French “is the separation episode part of God’s Idea?”

Q: If we are just thought forms, we don’t really exist. If we don’t exist, there is nothing from which to be separated. And, this play being written and directed by God, any separation episode would have to have been known by God because everything is part of the Idea, and nothing can happen without … Continue reading Q & A with Darcie French “is the separation episode part of God’s Idea?”

Glossary of terms: Awareness

"Awareness" Awareness of Love Being is Absolute; Awareness of Love Being is All-Knowledge. Adam's Awareness is Absolute, but seems divided by his dream of perceptual unrealities, the contents of which are continually embodied in consciousness and disembodied in unconsciousness. When Adam wakes from the dream of consciousness/unconsciousness, he realizes that he is under Supreme Control … Continue reading Glossary of terms: Awareness

Glossary of terms: Authorship

"Authorship" God Authors Life. The voice for ego, that seems to drown out the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit that ever leads Man back to Idea in Source, believes that satisfying the waking senses through consumption of effects means authoring life. Only Magnetic Cause Authors Life; electrical effects are but reflections of Authorship. … Continue reading Glossary of terms: Authorship

Glossary of terms: Lightworker Adam

"Adam" Adam, the preponderantly male light-worker, in balanced tandem with preponderantly female Eve, spins perceptual unrealities that are not Absolute. The images they spin are not entwined in God's Being as the Son of God is -- they are sensed for a time, and are not Known in Timelessness. The images woven by Adam and … Continue reading Glossary of terms: Lightworker Adam