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Be Still and Know Oneness with the Light

You are one with the undivided, sexless magnetic Father-Mother Light centering from within and controlling from without all sexed interchange between divided male and female electric light that produces the illusion of mass moving through space in time.

Your body is a reflection of your thinking like all of creation is a reflection of God’s thinking – and just like God’s sex-divided body of seeming motion is not God, your sex-divided body of seeming motion is not you. You are not a body of motion. You are still, and gender-less. You are the Idea of Man, or “God’s Son“.

The body eternally rising and falling to rise again is nothing but the effect of gloriously imagining a body in motion that simulates the Idea of Man in Stillness. You are God’s Idea of a co-Creator that is never created.

The sense of this motion is always changing as the body seeks to simulate balance; knowing this seeking to simulate balance as God/You/YourSelf knows it, it is only ever changeless ecstasy interchanging with changeless ecstasy in Stillness. You are the balanced Stillness and the balanced thinking producing the balanced illusion of motion is your ecstasy. Sensing the body to be forever finding and losing balance to find it again is not your Source of ecstasy.

Be Still and Know” your Source of ecstasy.

Meditate. Transcend identification with the divided motion that comprises the body. Let go of mentally processing the variability of sensing the body for mentally knowing the changeless glory of its eternal expression.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019

Q & A with Darcie French “is the separation episode part of God’s Idea?”

Q: If we are just thought forms, we don’t really exist. If we don’t exist, there is nothing from which to be separated. And, this play being written and directed by God, any separation episode would have to have been known by God because everything is part of the Idea, and nothing can happen without it first being part of God’s thinking. You said in your book, “… all of Man is God’s Idea forever.” So, the separation episode had to have been part of God’s Idea?

A: The body is indeed a thought form of God’s imagining and it has no reality, nor identity of its own: the imaged body of God is a tool for the Mind of God to manifest the Knowledge of Balanced Love. The electrical body of God does not separate God from His Magnetic Light; it only seems to separate man from God when the Law of Love is broken and electricity “misfires” vs interchanges in a balanced fashion. When the body is balanced with all of creation, the Law of Love is both sensed, and Known, as One Love Being Love . Think of the balanced body like a vehicle that is in perfect working order with all of its fluids topped up– one can drive it under normal conditions virtually worry free. If the car runs out of gas and the gas is not replaced, it is not the manufacturer of the car’s problem that it got out of balance with its environmental interchange, but the driver’s. The separation episode is kind of like forgetting to put gas in the car, and then blaming Henry Ford for the idea backing it when the car won’t run.

All Life is sealed in the One Light of God as His Idea; what seems to leave by the electrical lights of duality expresses the Life within the One Light by the concentrating/decentrating movement of God’s Thinking creating the illusion of mass, but isn’t Life leaving, (or returning), to the Light. All movement is itself illusion. The concept that Life or the Idea backing its expression is “in the body” and leaves when the body passes is an illusion of the senses, given reality by the Mind that reigns the senses sovereign.  That “still small Voice for God” that speaks of unity in Source has been present since the belief in separation to counter it; it just gets drowned out by the reigning sovereign senses.

Why for be thou slave to thy sensing? Be Me in thy Knowing.” (Divine Iliad)

When the Law of Love of equal, balanced interchange between extension and retraction of Love is followed by One’s thoughts, actions and reactions, the body balances itself with the rest of God’s balanced body and is easily forgotten. When the Law of Love is followed, there are no physical upsets, no problems with interpersonal relations (no war): only Love is made manifest. One knows only the ecstasy of eternity, and the appearing/disappearing body is thereby run on Autopilot.

Life is eternal. There is no death. Life is but simulated in matter by polarization- depolarization sequences as all idea of Mind is but simulated in thought-waves of moving matter.” (Walter Russell)

The Law of Love is followed by being in alignment with (simulating in all of One’s actions and reactions) the concentrating/decentrating Pulse that expresses Life. Pain and suffering are a direct result of being out of balance with the Pulse of Life. For example, sleep loss at night when Mind is decentrated naturally affects one’s ability to concentrate the next day.  Another simple example is that breathing too fast will trigger hyperventilation. Another is that overeating will over-expand the body’s cells and distort one’s ability to interchange with the Heavens by balancing physical activity. Man, having the free will to act and react “outside” of the balanced equation set by Source for all of creation easily becomes unbalanced by his own distortions.

Separation occurs in Mind by way of giving reality to the “quantities of sensed matter in motion” (ie the illusion of the moving body of God) and it is healed by the knowledge of Oneness with the Mind of God that transcends the seeming separation indicated by the senses. By the belief that Life leaves the One Light and is therefore subject to death does separation seem true.

Life never leaves the Light. The Life of Man is forever in the Mind of God, entwined in the Light of Love, as the Light of Love, Being Love. This unity is known by both God and His Son (His Idea of Man) as pure ecstasy. In balanced ecstasy is the Idea of Man forever God’s. God only knows of this unity with all of creation as His body is forever in perfect balance: God’s body forever simulates perfect balance and this is man’s only lesson to learn, by either being in alignment with divinity and knowing only Love, or being “out of sorts” with it and suffering the unwanted consequences. It is One’s divine inheritance to sense the body of God interchanging in itself in a balanced way (to manifest Love through the physical), while Knowing the Mind as Being only nonlinear Love interchanging in nonlinear Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

Glossary of terms: Awareness


Awareness of Love Being is Absolute; Awareness of Love Being is All-Knowledge.

Adam‘s Awareness is Absolute, but seems divided by his dream of perceptual unrealities, the contents of which are continually embodied in consciousness and disembodied in unconsciousness. When Adam wakes from the dream of consciousness/unconsciousness, he realizes that he is under Supreme Control as God’s Idea, and that he, being co-creator of illusion, is in control of the inferior qualities of God that we call consciousness and unconsciousness. He comes to remember that he is eternally working with Magnetic God on manifesting the electrical body of the Supreme Idea of Man.

*Awareness vs consciousness: Awareness is Absolute and is not cyclical like consciousness. Consciousness and unconsciousness of embodied ideas seems to obscure eternal formless Awareness by representing expressions of “life vs death”. Death, the other half of life that is necessary for activity, is believed by the sense-lead ego to be “an end”, vs the beginning all over again.

From the Glossary of terms under development for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life.

Glossary of terms: Authorship


God Authors Life. The voice for ego, that seems to drown out the Voice for God or the Holy Spirit that ever leads Man back to Idea in Source, believes that satisfying the waking senses through consumption of effects means authoring life. Only Magnetic Cause Authors Life; electrical effects are but reflections of Authorship.

Ever defer to the Authority of the Voice for God; the voice for ego as it describes in terrible awe the seeming power of electricity does nothing but attempt to frame the Son of God in the fear of the death of what is only illusion. The moving electrical body of Man, never existing at any point in time, never leaves the Timeless Magnetic Stillness of the Idea of Man in Source. The Magnetic Idea of Man is forever in place, but the electrical image of man is not. The electrical image is the potential of the Idea, seeming to be out of place.

The Son of God is never born and never dies. One with the Father, the Son ever Interchanges in the Father in Love. This Interchange is what God has Authored forever, and is the Pulse of Life to rest in and to Know.

From the glossary of terms for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

Copyright@Darcie French 2017

Glossary of terms: Lightworker Adam


Adam, the preponderantly male light-worker, in balanced tandem with preponderantly female Eve, spins perceptual unrealities that are not Absolute. The images they spin are not entwined in God’s Being as the Son of God is — they are sensed for a time, and are not Known in Timelessness.

The images woven by Adam and Eve are God’s electrical imaginings, or effects; the Son of God is Magnetic like the Father, and is Indivisibly One with Cause. Adam dreams with Eve of divisions of Oneness wherein they alternate their preponderance of sex conditioning, ever with the goal of perfect intercourse, and they multiply their electrical divisions to infinity, to simulate the wholeness of “their” One Undivided Magnetic Self.

Adam, when he is mature and in his prime, is one equal half of the whole Idea of Man made seeming-to-be manifest. Eve is the other. Adam cannot appear nor disappear without Eve in her prime, nor can Eve without Adam in his.

From the glossary of terms in the works for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

Copyright@Darcie French 2017