What is invited can be disappeared

In May of 2017, I went to stay at a monastery for a couple of nights. I begged the Head Father to take me in; I was a woman alone. My outer life had become a living hell. My husband was heavily addicted to gaming and couldn’t work, parent or husband. My youngest child was suicidal. We were on disability and had no life goals. It seemed next to impossible to find the space and time to dedicate to writing the book, “Without the idea of death: there is only Life“. I rented a separate suite for two months in order to dedicate the spacetime. Life seemed to be about serving the field of anger.

Great changes were made. My husband went from “zero to hero”. He quit gaming and got us off disability.

Yet through the field of anger, I invited cancer symptoms. By September of 2017, I had recurring pain in my neck and sinus, and I knew exactly what it was. I did not need a doctor or a test to tell me.

I did the cancer dosage of the Rick Simpson oil for two months as directed, and disappeared what I had invited.



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