An analysis of Now and the need for acts of Love

The Union or Oneness of Self in God, that I attempt with great love (and a bit of poetic license) to convey in my writing, is that Which One is ever, irrevocably entwined in and is described as being “Now”.

The eternal Now is Absolutely intertwined with life forms becoming something from seemingly nothing and repeating. Each point in the universe is the Centering and Supremely Controlling Godhead, or the Central Intelligence of Creative Source. Godhead is ever creative. One is ever One with the Godhead. Each creating thing of God’s is the illusion of One Creating Thing that repeats forever. The Idea of Man, divided by the two sex-conditioned light-workers “Adam” and “Eve” is eternal and repetitive, yet this repetitiveness of seeming duality is not known to be the illusion of division until consciousness of Oneness as Being the Reality of Now has unfolded to Man’s Awareness.

In God’s Cosmic Play, “time(space) is an elastic band” as the song lyrics convey, and all that Adam and Eve, the sex-conditioned corpuscles of electrical light sprung from their rest in Oneness in the Still Godhead as One Idea aim to “catch up with” as they evolve through levels of consciousness in the world of seeming is the Now of their Origin. Yet if things seem to be “this way” — to the ego of consciousness, which the son of man is born accompanied with on his unfolding to OnenessĀ  — things “are” that way. Oneness does indeed seem split in two, and so acts of Love are necessary between body images in order to communicate the Love that already is.

“You” and “me”, as we each identify with our perceptual body images to be our divided-from-One-selves, cannot help but assess, analyze, judge, desire, despise — we can’t help but emotionalize — from the ego’s point of view. With the exception of Jesus Christ, we are all born with ego. Jesus Knew of His Oneness with the Father, the Source of the play. He Knew of the Perfect Balanced Love that parented the very Idea of Him, in which His Source could only ever be “well-pleased”. The “Son of God”, perceived to be born in a body to die, never questioned the Father’s Love.

The “separation from God/Source/Cosmic Parent/Nirvana/Absolute Being” can never Be. Love is One Being, Being Love. Reflections of Love as images, Given to Idea to be re-imaged, repeat to infinity. There is no end to the Universal Idea of Man; each point of the universe births an entire universe. Universes are electrical displays of Cosmic Electricity, interconnected by the Magnetic Vacuum or Black Wholeness of God’s Stillness that One is irrevocably entwined with at the “level” of the Godhead, which is Each Point of Magnetic Stillness.

Each Point of Unified Stillness radially births an electric universe that in its seeming “return” to Origin, (ie, when you look in the mirror you see your image looking back at you) is perceived by the Point of Desires in the Godhead as living, breathing reflections of the Still Light of Origin that One is ever Being in Love with, and cannot actually be divided from its Bond of Love. The Father of Love is ever One with the Son of Love.

Yet the Son of Love believes, for a time, that He is separated from the Source of His Idea by the flesh and the bones of His Idea. And so it is up to those of us who realize that Love is Joined and can never be broken, to extend a helping hand to those who seem to have less, in our time of more.



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