Glossary of terms: Anthropomorphization


God is One Being, undivided by the illusion of division into the anthropology of His forms of seeming. Form is motion-embodied thought, it is idea made to seem manifest by setting the Stillness of Oneness in Love of God’s Being into the illusion of motion or separation. Any time the perceptual qualities of  “sensed matter in motion” (Walter Russell) are assigned to One’s Being, God is anthropomorphized into something He can never actually become. Effects are never made real and do not become Cause,  but return to rest in their Origin.

God’s Thinking is Cause, and the motion necessary to embody it is the effect. One with God’s Thought, the Son has the mutual Power to think effects, but like God, only into the illusion of being.

The Father, in Love with His Idea of Man as it unfolds from His Balanced Cradle of Love and refolds back into it, is the Balance that form finding rest in aims to simulate as it springs from the Stillness of Balance into seeming activity, to return to the Stillness of Balanced Union. To Know Self as the Idea of Man, Balanced in Love with Creator of the Idea, is to Know Oneness with the very Essence of Love. This Knowledge wipes out perception of  effects in a flash of Union in Cause that is Known to be the ongoing “place” of eternal rest within the ongoing Pulse of Life that is commonly called “The Kingdom of Heaven”. Known Essence is no longer assigned less than the Qualities inherent to that Knowledge. The only Qualities inherent to Knowledge of Oneness with God are “Balance, Truth, Love and the Law” (Walter Russell). Instead of locating one’s Power in the image, join in Cause and extend only the Qualities one is unified with.

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