Deep surrender, deep Love

With deep surrender of the thoughts about the content of consciousness is Awareness of deep Love. Surrender of emotional attachment to the temporary uncovers the infinite Awareness of the Context that Sources Allness, Always. Only ego or the voice for the temporary would have one get emotional when the temporary seems threatened. Spirit, though, cannot be threatened. When ego’s hold on mind is released, time dissolves and eternity is realized. Spirit’s immortality is recognized.

Anita Moorjani said each time she went towards the emotional content surrounding her body dying of cancer (i.e., each time she identified with the family members who were grieving at the prospect of her death), she was pulled back by an overwhelming sense of great unconditional love. The writer can describe many situations where essentially the same “phenomenon” occurred. With surrender, in the place of fearful, emotionally wrought thought systems, already existing Love is Known instead. Love is always Present, it never leaves; only beliefs that say otherwise go. Surrender those beliefs, for Relief.

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