The ballet of consciousness

The universe functions perfectly as the no-to-resting-in-God ballet of consciousness. All is acted out accordingly. What is held in mind seemingly manifests over and over through holofractal “layers” of experiential realities. The play carries on indefinitely if one pays it attention. Universal form apparently bubbles up to dissolve back into the nonlinear power of Source as consciousness, the part of the mind of God that experiences itself, identifies with form and then releases attachment to it.

Nothing wrong at all with this ballet. It can be beautiful and it can be terrible. “I” can be anything I want. Consciousness is backed with ineffable power as it makes belief. God’s Will is perfect peace, though, perfect rest, Knowing only Love in its purest energetic form. Free will ultimately means this: one can rest in God’s Love in the state of Absolute Awareness, or one may dance in the ballet of consciousness.


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