One Loving Thought

Only about 1% of consciousness is active; the other 99% is silent.” (Dr David R Hawkins)

This statement provides immense context for describing the magnitude of the Awareness of God’s Self-Sustaining Love that is Creation vs the limitations of ego-self experience within consciousness. Awareness of Love is 99% of Identity, and only 1% is consciousness of manifest difference. “Mind” with a small “m” and the domain of egocentricity is actually only a very small part. Consciousness provides the chatter of infinite thoughts and attachments and aversions. The rest of God’s Mind is perfectly aware of only Itself and is at rest in Itself.

While the 1% of activity going on in Mind seemingly holds one enthralled, entranced and entrained, mathematically speaking, it’s not that difficult to let a mere 1% be dissolved back into the Whole by faith alone. Faith quickly blossoms to Knowledge, as all mysteries are solved by the revelation, through what becomes direct communion, surging up wordlessly from the Silence of One Loving Thought. Direct knowledge of God Immanent dissolves the concept of “the seeker”. All theory “about God” contained in the chatty 1% becomes unknown. Thinkingness becomes moot. The Mind itself is realized to be the Silent Source of Love, and all else falls away.



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