Interchange vs outer change

“There is no subconscious Mind. Mind is not stratified. There is only Mind at rest, and Mind in action — which means thinking.” (Walter Russell)

There is only the Pulse of Life, which is God’s Interchange between rest and activity that is Known as Oneness with Love Begetting Love. There are no actual levels of consciousness; there is only interchange between rest and activity that is noted as if levels are real. Perception takes note of outer change that is the effect of projected interchange. The Interchange in Source which is the Zero Fulcrum divided into seeming two to project and reflect idea is Reality, the projection perceived as outer change is not.

Thinking is the mental love muscle that seems to bring something from nothing. Thinking germinates seeds of desire in the Mind of God by projecting for it the cube wave field needed to birth the spheres of imagination.

At rest in the Mind of God is everything that could possibly desire to become active. The Pulse of Life brings image to the Image Maker. Be not fooled by the illusions of outer change; there is only Interchange in Source.

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