The ‘State in the fire’ that left me without the idea of death

“The consummate state of spiritual exaltation in man is that state of ecstasy where the two interchanging expressions of love are no longer divided. They find unity and cessation from interchange when love is one in man, then man is Love as God is Love.” (Walter Russell)

The above statement matches up perfectly with what I have come to call ‘the State in the fire’, when consciousness severed from the senses detecting duality to rest Unified in Source. All outer evidence of interchange disappeared into the undivided interchange of One Love Becoming. I became only Love, which is all that I have ever been, and will ever be.

“When you have finally reached the stage of complete unity with your God-Self you will become One with God and lose your desire to manifest individuality. (Lao Russell)

Indeed, I have no desire to manifest individuality; all that I desire is rest in the Supreme Idea of Man, as God created me to Be.

This book took intense effort to publish, over a period of eight years. The preference has been to rest in the Stillness of Knowing Perfect Love and to not bother moving a muscle.

I was absolutely moved by God to write it.


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