Alleviating homo barbarian’s fear

The sense-lead homo barbarian is terrified of the dark, cold cube that gives the incandescent light of life to be radiated back to its source, yet the appearance of life is an interchange between dark and light. Without the interchange between the exhaustion of life and the rest of death, nothing could appear to be. Light and dark are both of One Light.

The pinnacle of enlightenment is to realize inseparable Oneness with Divinity that cannot be and never was divided by appearances. Homo barbarian, being lead by the deceptive senses, must let the reigns of his trusted horses go, and take the leap of faith that he will continue to move forward.

The draw of Heaven is all that pulls all systems back to their Source. The draw of Heaven, which is His Birthright as the Idea of Man in the Mind of God, is all that homo barbarian fears. Without the idea of death the caterpillar of homo barbarian becomes the butterfly of Homo Spiritus, aware that he was never born, and can never die.


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