What one makes of the Kingdom of Now

There is no death; there is no ‘afterlife’. Nothing leaves the Stillness of Union in Source. Nothing is ever born apart from Source; nothing ever dies.

There is only Mind at rest within the Living Stillness, or Mind actively living within Stillness. Mind at rest Knows only the Kingdom of Heaven; at rest one Knows only the nonlinear Interchange of Love that is the Fulcrum of all seeming activity leveraged from it. The invisible cube of creation is Love and the visibly created sphere is Love. The cube becomes the sphere and the sphere becomes the cube continuously, without deviation; this is the Life Pulse of Creation to rest in and Know as Love Becoming Love. The cube and the sphere, the two interchanging shapes of the material, thought provoked universe that consciousness is invested in disappear from one’s Awareness in this rest. This rest is the Reality of eternal Life, and is all the Son of God Knows.

Mind at rest Knows only All-Satiation. Mind at rest Knows all desires fulfilled in the Father’s Love. Thinking Mind brings image to idea, and is the only motion there is in the Stillness of Being, in Love with the Source of Life.

Heaven and hell are nothing but what one makes of the Kingdom of Now.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017



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