Lose the gods of sickness

One either chooses to look upon the world through Love, which is how God, Who is Love, would have His Son Know Perfect Health – or with fear, which is how ego, or the inventor of the gods of sickness, would have creation appear to suffer and die.

Such a pair of diametrically opposed viewpoints can never be unified, so one must make the metaphysical choice between them. The decision results in either separation or unification of the mind. The belief in separation invokes distorted perception that but witnesses to the illusions of suffering and death. Separation witnesses to the temporary, because as an alien belief only (only unification is True), it cannot be sustained. Unification is the recognition of Love forever extending through Self – thus unification is the recognition of the eternal. Knowing life is eternally Sourced by Love, it is not truly possible to believe in suffering.

Both Heaven and Hell exist “on Earth” as differential states of mind – and they both pass away into the Absolute State of Self-Love. The world of suffering is born of ego by the decision to look at and listen to its distortions. Choose to listen to ego, and life seems like “hell on Earth”. Choose to listen to both the voice for ego and the Voice for God, and life seems like “a bipolar roller coaster”. Choose to respond only with Love to all that is perceived, and life becomes the best option possible, as if Heaven on Earth.

Lose the gods of sickness. Worship the Truth instead – Perfect Love is only ever Perfect Love.

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