Simply Being, in Love

Enlightenment is recognition of Self as Pure Love. It is mind at rest in Source, which is Love In Receipt of Itself. It is not a nothingness (or “void”), but the clean Knowledge of the meaning of Everything-ness. It is the state of the Unborn; that which is born is made little, and is not of the Magnificent State. It is the pure interpretation of the Son Being in receipt of the Father’s Love, while simultaneously it is the pure interpretation of the return of that Love. It is the Essence of Love from God, for God, by God. Enlightenment is finding Best Friend in One Self. It is coming Home. It is never having left.

Realizing enlightenment is realizing the Now of Creation; it is recognizing Self as the Creator with the Created Being Creation, eternally Creating. Enlightenment is the recognition of Perfect Extension of Oneness that is beyond description, and this Perfection is known to be One’s Own Loving Thought. It is all familiar and completely satiating; it is All that the mind really wants. It is the Only Truth to be known. Satiation of the One Desire does not exist “in” the state of enlightenment, it is the state. Enlightenment is Simply Being, in Love.

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