No vacancy of love

How to be vigilant for the Kingdom of God? You are the Kingdom, and you are Love. So to be vigilant for Love, cancel out non-loving thoughts. Fake it till you make it if you need to – it’s ok, most everyone needs to. Cancel out unloving thoughts with “I Love you so-and-so”. Each time so-and-so comes to mind, Love them. Anyone. Everyone. Always. No matter what. And most definitely include self.

You rent space to your own thoughts, no one else does. Only pay those who you invite to visit your mental space with Love, and you will know the Love that you are. Don’t fool yourself by thinking they came uninvited. They did not – you asked them over – not because you want to use your mind for ego, but because you want to know them in Love. Be kind in mind; leave no vacancy of Love, and thereby know everyone’s Peace.


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