Find the split and let it go

Healing happens as mind resumes Knowledge of Self-Love. Sometimes the body appears to follow suit, and heal as well. And yet, all bodily healing is as temporary as perception itself; permanent healing happens in the mind, regardless of the physical, when the will is Known to Be Unified with God’s. This is why it is not at all reasonable to look at a body and “judge a book by its cover”. No body accurately reflects God’s Will, only mind can Know healing. God’s Will is His Mind of One Loving Thought, and it needs no form to Function.

What is the purpose of the body then? To the ego, it’s purpose is to devise many ways to try and hide from the Love of the Sonship. The ego part of mind, made to contain the contents of separateness, looks to the body as the perfect container. To the Holy Spirit, the body’s one and only function is to participate with the one and only Want and allow the mind to work through the body, by the resistant-less extension of Love.

The decision to side with the part of mind that believes in separation from Love puts strain on the mind-body; it’s experienced as tremendous tension. Physiologically, the decision to separate from Love triggers the fight or flight response, and the experience is that of existential angst, anxiety, impending doom. Life doesn’t feel worth living without acknowledging innate Love. Find the split by asking yourself where it was that you left Love, and who it was in your mind that you left. Ultimately, it is You that you left; your idea of “personal” is the split. See that your Self is only the Beloved Son of God. Forgive perception of error; it only hurts to hang onto it. Let the split from Love held in mind go, and feel the instant Relief as mind rejoins its Source and Function.

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