Give not Reality and Identity to the simulation of creation

The direction of movement that seemingly brings to the senses the illusion of “life” and/or “death” is given utmost importance by the ego of consciousness, when all importance lies solely in the imperceptible balanced stillness of the interchange between the two.

To give the Identity and Reality to the duality of motion is to lose the full bearing of the Truth of Oneness with the Creator of the illusion of motion. Giving over Identity and Reality to a simulation is to become as if the created vs. the Creator, and this effort can never be made true. All suffering lies in the belief in separation from the Creator. Separation lies in the effort to become the created, that seemingly splits the Mind into two different realities.

Creation itself is never created, it is but the seeming quantification in parts of the One Idea that lives alone in the stillness of the Kingdom of Heaven in the Mind of the Creator.

Each and every one lives alone in the Kingdom of Heaven, one with the Source of the illusion of ongoing embodiment and disembodiment. One never actually gains the body or loses it. There is no life, nor is there death in the illusion of space and time. There is only one Reality that is forever lived by one Identity. Give not Reality and Identity to the seemingly created, for nothing ever actually is. All that there ever is, is the Life of the One.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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