Overcoming anxiety by aligning with the Pulse of Life’s expression

Anxiety is the sensation of the imbalance of compressed energy that needs to be released. The sensation of compressed energy occurs by the concentration of stress hormones in the body.

Releasing the compressed energy is done not by covering over or avoiding the sensation, but by facing the fear backing the anxiety that, while ignored or put aside by non-action or covered over with medication, drugs or alcohol, will only continue to exacerbate the sensation in general. Facing the source of the anxiety, i.e. taking the action (or, alternately, ceasing the activity) that is feared to be undertaken or relinquished is necessary in order to balance the brain by dissipating the compressed energy.

Anxiety cannot be cured “from the outside in” – it must be cured at its core. The core of anxiety is the refusal to face the fear of balancing activity or restraint from unbalancing activity that triggers fight or flight and thus induces the sensation.

To overcome anxiety, the brain chemistry must be a balance of endorphins and stress hormones. Anxiety is a result of the release of stress hormones for “no good reason”. Even though there is no actual clear and present danger, the released stress hormones cause the nervous system to react as if there is.

Exercise is the age-old, tried and true way to release compressed energy in general. The brain is balanced by achieving a balance between rest and activity. The Pulse of Life’s expression that is God thinking to give the illusion of form to formless Idea is always perfectly balanced, and thus this Pulse is what should be simulated.

In the State in the Fire, I became one with the absolute balance of God’s Divine Trinity between Stillness and the two directions of seeming motion that interchange to provide the illusion of the appearance and disappearance of mass. When the perception of the universe in motion re-appeared, all of the fears I needed to face and resolve in order to balance my unbalanced brain came up to the forefront. I had replaced the natural balance we all enjoy as babies and young children between rest and activity with unbalancing substances plus lack of activity at appropriate times. I was afraid of quitting all the unnatural substances that were unbalancing my brain, and simultaneously afraid of re-starting the natural activities I had ceased doing.

In order to simulate the known balance in the State, and thereby overcome the extreme anxiety that resulted from my own imbalanced activities, I had to re-align the brain with what is natural. This re-alignment literally equated to quitting all the activities and substances that kept the brain awake at night when it should be sleeping, and re-starting the activities during the day that kept the brain asleep when it should be awake. This meant quitting smoking tobacco and dried marijuana, quitting eating processed sugar, meat and white flour, discontinuing the medications used to cover the symptoms from “the outside in”, starting to eat fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly.

In re-aligning with what is natural, I balanced my brain chemistry, and no longer have any symptoms of anxiety.

Copyright©Darcie French 2018



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