The Ecstatic Quality of the Divine Trinity

The following quote from Walter Russell (Pg 7 of Part 3 of the Intimate Home Study Course) matches up perfectly with the qualitative knowledge of the Pulse of Life’s reflection and absorption within the Self or Light of God that was revealed in the State in the Fire (which could also be termed “the State in the Light”), and that I attempt to describe – with reference to the metaphysics of the Divine Trinity as explained by Walter Russell – in my book:  “Without the idea of death: There is only Life”:

In my Illumination I immediately knew that the entirety of the electric universe of matter in motion is an unreality, a cosmic illusion. In that first timeless flash I knew that God alone exists-God the ONE. Likewise I knew the ONE-TWO pulsations of the heartbeat of Gods thinking.
Knowing that I knew all there is to know, for knowing God as IDEA, and as God’s body as IDEA MANIFESTED IN THOUGHT, I could then know the unreality of time, space and motion which manifests thought and the reality of the KNOWER and THINKER AS THE DIVINE TRINITY…
… I instantly knew the KNOWER as ONE–the ONE undivided magnetic Light of all-knowing Mind.
I also knew the THINKING of the KNOWER to be TWO–the TWO of the pulsing heartbeat of the KNOWER’S electric thinking.

I, too, in the Light, knew that God, “The Universal One”, alone exists, and that the world of perception (spacetime and the movement that creates it) is an illusion of knowledge expressed by The Universal One’s thinking the One Idea of Creation into its parts, by the fact that the entirety of the parts of the universe of form disappeared by way of a kind of perceptual back-tracking through the seeming dimensions of the sun and the black hole, to find absolute rest in the still imperceptible center of the universe of perception that is the One Reality of the Self or the Light of God. When the universe spontaneously reappeared, I absolutely could no longer give Reality or Identity to the perception of its existence. All that has ever existed since or will ever exist forever more is the Reality and Identity of the Light of God that is one in the same as my own imaginative Self. The brain, that which is imagined in God’s image, is not the Knower nor the Thinker within the Divine Trinity between Knowledge and Thought, but a tool for what is Known, that records the effects of Thought.

The One “I”, void of Identity and Reality given to the seeming of “I am (I am this, or I am that)” Knows the Idea backing creation that is expressed by the one of reflection-two of absorption pulsation of Thought. In the Light, “I am” is inseparably joined with the rhythmic, balanced quality of the “I” of creation’s interchanging pulsations of Thought that arise from the desire of the Light to express and forever re-express the knowledge of the one Idea of Creation into its parts. The “I” of the Light is never actually joined with the infinite effects of Thought. The “I” of the Light is only seemingly joined with the effects of Thought via consciousness of the seemingly separate parts of the Idea expressed; the “I” of Awareness is forever the One Cause of all seeming states of “to be, or not to be”.

I knew the “ONE-TWO pulsations of the heartbeat of God’s thinking” as the quality of the desire to concentrate Love into form interchanging in the quality of the desire to decentrate Love’s forms to further the one cycle of the one Idea’s transformation. The quality backing the concentration of the seeming “life” of reflection interchanged with the same quality of the decentration of the seeming “death” of absorption. The ecstasy of the quality of the interchanging seeming states of motion that comprise the Pulse of Life’s reflection and absorption is absolutely ineffable. I have called it previously to be a kind of “never ending total cosmic orgasm” and yet even that does not come close to describing the ecstasy of the interchanging Self-Same quality of the Pulse of Life’s opposing states of motion that provide Idea within the Light with the outer illusion of transformation.

All knowledge of what was desired to be expressed through the one-two interchanging pulsations of Thought was contained in the One Light, and qualitatively never left the Light by the illusion of quantities reflected and absorbed. I knew the Divine Trinity to be that one knowledge-base desired to be expressed and absorbed for re-expression by its forever reproducing multiples of parts through the two-in-One interchanging pulsations. One knowledge base plus two opposite but interchanging pulsations that reflect and absorb that knowledge equals the three of the Divine Trinity.

In the State that occurred spontaneously in the middle of the night on October 29, 2009, while escaping from a house fire with my family, I became one with the Light of All-Knowing backing the appearance and disappearance of form. I knew of Oneness with the very quality of desire to express the One Idea in the Light by the interchanging pulsations of the two lights of duality. I became one with the innate, ecstatic quality of the Divine Trinity, and knew only the desire within to reflect and absorb the still Love of Idea by the seeming-to-be transforming parts of all of creation.

Copyright©Darcie French 2018


3 thoughts on “The Ecstatic Quality of the Divine Trinity

  1. Lori Acker

    If God is everything, infinite perfection, what could “He” possibly have to gain from making a universe of illusion, along with misery and agony?

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    1. Darcie French Post author

      Father-Mother God is always balanced in a state of Love by forever giving only Love to be re-given. One does not experience misery or agony when in alignment with the balanced state of God’s Love; when acting in alignment with the extension of Love only the body functions perfectly, and one knows only the same ecstasy God knows by the Love given returning for re-giving. Resistance to being in alignment by way of following contrary belief systems – ie forcing activity during the rest phase or forcing rest during the active phase – sources misery. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of being in alignment with balanced Love. Always in a mental state of Love Being Love, his body functioned perfectly, and he was able to extend that balance to those out of alignment and free them from the misery of being unbalanced. He did not suffer as the masses believe. One may aim to be like Jesus and only extend Love in order to avoid the repercussions of being out of alignment with balanced Love. What is given is always returned to its source of reflection for absorption and re-giving.


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