Leaving the Body for the Void of Nothingness vs. Oneness with Love

Many times I have left the body, and went into the void of nothingness vs the union of Oneness with Love that was the spontaneous enlightenment of the State in the Fire.

As a young child under the age of five, I was once sexually molested by a much older child. I left the body and have no recall of the events beyond suddenly being woken in the night to the feeling of suffocation by the heaviness of the older boy’s body. This seemed to start a pattern of leaving the body during times of trauma. I was asked recently if the State in the Fire was another such example, as we were leaving a house fire in the middle of the night when it occurred, which could understandably describe a traumatic situation. I don’t believe it was a case of going into the void due to trauma, as the State in the Fire and the nonlinear events leading up to it can be absolutely recalled and described as much more than “nothingness”.

Dr David R Hawkins’ said on describing the void vs the state of Allness with Divinity said, “If there’s nothing there – if Love is missing – it’s the void”. In the State in the Fire I was one with the Cosmos, with All-Knowledge, as the quality of Love itself. It was not a state of nothingness, but the qualitative State of Being One with Everything.

Many times since the traumatic event as a child I have left the body for the void, and while the body was totally or mostly absent, the quality of Love was missing.

I was in a head on car collision in 1994. I didn’t lose consciousness but felt no pain on impact as my chin and chest hit the air-bag-absent steering wheel (I was wearing only a lap belt); I only saw pure blackness and heard only the deep vibrations of the impact – metal folding with metal – as if in slow motion.

Several years later, another car accident occurred, this one a different story not involving my vehicle (my middle daughter reminded me of it recently), but still with only recall of the events leading up to the trauma that evacuated consciousness from the body. I was driving my two young daughters home from school, and a vehicle accident occurred just ahead of us. My vehicle was the first on the scene. I do recall driving around the bend in the road, but then upon coming upon the scene, have only flashes of the memory that my daughter filled in for me. I remember pulling over and getting out of the vehicle, then nothing. Apparently a women had been either struck by another car, or had flown out of her vehicle on impact by another vehicle. I had pulled over, told my daughters to stay in the car, gotten out myself, and waited with the woman. I did not have a cell phone. My daughter said someone else quickly arrived on the scene, said they were a nurse, and took over. 911 was called and when they came, we left the scene. I have only brief flashes of recall of the entire event. Otherwise, there was the void of nothingness while my body operated on Auto Pilot.

Another time I left the body and went into the void, absent of the quality of Love, was when I hyperventilated due to extreme anxiety. It had never happened before (nor since) and I thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke as my hands and feet went numb at first, and then the body fell to the floor and seemed to lose consciousness, and my hands and feet turned inward into “claws”. The ambulance was called. I did not lose consciousness and was vaguely aware of the body and the clawed hands and feet, and of my husband’s voice telling me (ironically) to “keep breathing”. But I was not attached to the body, there was no pain, and consciousness was a kind of soft white blankness.

The State in the Fire was entirely, completely, absolutely different than the times I left the body due to a traumatic event. In the State I was one with Love itself, as the very quality of desire expressed and simultaneously fulfilled. I was unaware of the body to the point that it had never been, nor had the entire universe ever been. And as I left the body, I was fully present in the State of Love Being Love. There are no memory gaps filled with nothingness, there is only the absolutely distinct memory of the desire of Love being expressed, interchanging with the desire of Love being fulfilled.

Copyright©Darcie French 2018

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