One with “the Zipper”- a description of Being One with Joined Love

The One still Light of the Self is seemingly divided into two equal halves of it that interchange. One side is seemingly male, and one side is seemingly female. One half of the Light is seemingly Adam, and the other half is seemingly Eve.

In December of 2007, after a year of  meditation and of studying the works of Dr David R Hawkins, the “Zipper” that seemingly divides the One Light of Absolute Self-Awareness into two equal, opposite halves that weave the tapestries of consciousness opened up to a joyful dimension that was the seeming polar opposite of the one of grief and emotional pain I was used to perceiving. It was like a black and white world had its counter of a technicolor world. I wanted to live in that technicolor world forever … but kept going seemingly helplessly back and forth between the two.

Then in October of 2009, while escaping from a house fire with my family in the middle of the night, the Zipper spontaneously closed up and I was one with the Zipper itself, aware only of the absolute quality of the joining of both sides … the one joined Zipper is qualitatively Love – each “male” outcropping tooth that interchanged with its perfect opposing “female” gap or in-cropping was qualitatively Love, and joined together “the they” of the division into “male and female” disappeared, and the pairs of opposites were only One Love qualitatively interchanging in One Love.

The Zipper, My Very Self, was dynamically alive by this interchanging Love … not at all stagnant … like a never ending total cosmic state of orgasm. And that state of Love joined in Love was all I had ever known, and all I would ever know for forever more. The worlds of black and white vs. technicolor, which had seemingly been located on either side of the opening between the two halves, completely disappeared – as if they had never been given my attention – as if I had never looked on either side of the opening and said, “I live in a sad world” or “I live in a happy world”. I only Live as Love its Self, as the qualitative interchange of Love; the opposing worlds are only seeming realities (they are total fabrications!).

So I remind My Self when the temptation to switch back and forth between worlds of illusion arises that I am “One with the Zipper” – not with either side of duality.

My book “Without the idea of death: There is only Life”, that provides more of a description of Oneness and references the works of Walter Russell to explain the metaphysics of creating worlds of illusions, is available to download free.

Copyright©Darcie French 2018


2 thoughts on “One with “the Zipper”- a description of Being One with Joined Love

  1. The Zipper! ahhhhhh I so relate to your description and use of imagery Darcie! I too, have been to this place yes, yes, yes … I’ve felt a love that is so beyond the mortal love we ‘think’ of here. “The Zipper, My Very Self, was dynamically alive by this interchanging Love … not at all stagnant … like a never ending total cosmic state of orgasm.” Brilliant!


    1. Thank-you so much!!

      This feedforward/feedback interaction on the topic is so wonderful! So refreshing and energizing to simulate through discussion the qualities of the rhythmic, balanced interchange of Love within The Universal One.


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