The quality of spin: being One with the Stillness that is the Center of everything

What is the Stillness of God, or the center of everything qualitatively like?

The Stillness cannot be described via the senses. Being one with the Stillness that centers all spin that seemingly creates and destroys mass is qualitatively known.

Oneness with all of creation cannot be sensed via the mass manifested because the senses do not detect quality. One cannot “go into the Stillness” via the sensing of quantities of mass. One transcends the quantities of information conveyed by the senses. Transcendence is achieved via surrender of all belief in the unrealities of perception. It is achieved via absolute surrender of “the imaged doer” to allow the supreme control of that which does nothing but imagine setting the Stillness in motion to reign sovereign.

There are two directions to the spinning motion that appears and disappears the illusion of imagined mass. Being one with the Stillness recognizes the same quality of both directions of spin interchanging in one another as the same ecstasy becoming itself. One direction becomes the other direction, and both directions are qualitatively known as ineffable ecstasy. Being one with the Stillness, with the Center of everything is to know eternal ecstasy that is never broken by Identity or Reality given to the two seemingly divided states of motion that embody imagined Idea with an image.

Oneness with the Stillness perceives no separation from the ineffable ecstasy that the vibrating senses seem to take apart and make into the two directions of gravity and radiation. Oneness with the Stillness knows both gravity and radiation to be, qualitatively, the exact same ecstasy interchanging in itself.

Via perception, one thinks to still the body in order to be one with the Stillness. It is impossible to still the body. Even when the body has passed from the appearance of being concentrated to the disappearance of being decentrated – when the direction of gravity is temporarily overcome by the direction of radiation – there is still movement. Mass radiates or disperses as far as it can go in that direction, hits the boundary planes of the cube, and then reverses to again become the concentrated sphere. All mass breathes all the way out, and all the way back in, and all the way out, and all the way in – for eternity. The cycle of appearance and disappearance of mass is a cycle of breathing in and out. Each effort of breath in or breath out powers the other. At no point does the imaged body actually appear or disappear; it is only in a state of seeming preponderance of one or the other directions of spin. The Center of everything in seeming motion is eternally still.

One is always one with the Stillness, one with the Center of everything in motion; only by Reality and Identity given to directions of motion does one seem to be alive or dead via the appearance and disappearance of the body’s mass. The fact of Life is that one is always one with the Stillness, not one with either the seeming life of the breath in or the seeming death of the breath out, forever knowing only the ineffable ecstasy of both directions of spin interchanging in one transcendental State of Mind that is none other than the Kingdom of Heaven.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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