Q & A with Darcie French on creation representing the interchange of Divine Love

Q: About “feelings.” What about gratitude towards God? Sometimes, I cry when I see something beautiful that reminds me of God.  And what about love from a mother to a child?  Being sense-driven, are feelings/emotions unreal?

A: All of creation is meant to simulate the interchange of Love between God and His One Son. All of creation is God’s One Son that simulates, by interchange of Love given for re-giving between all examples of a “this” and a “that”, the infinite Love of God.

The unconditional Love of a mother for her child is a supreme example of this simulation of Love interchanging and it is knowledge of real Love. Emotions that are not based in the nonlinear extension of unconditional Love are man-u-factured by thoughts of “not-Love”, therefore they are not of God’s Thought to Love, and are therefore unreal. God’s Thought to Love is all that is real.

To recognize the intended Beauty backing the expression of Love that creation is founded upon and be reminded of God means there is great understanding of one’s purpose.

One’s purpose is to “seek God, know God, be God” (Walter Russell). God is Love. One’s purpose, therefore, is to seek Love, know Love, be Love.

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4 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on creation representing the interchange of Divine Love

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, Darcie. I have researched many spiritual experiences and in quite a few of them there is a total loss of interest in material wealth. Has this been your experience as well?

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    1. Darcie French Post author

      Hi there – immediately after the state in the fire there was a complete loss of interest in the material world altogether, and this state of disinterest lasted for years. The urge to “renounce the world” and live by myself with just the minimal basics was very strong. There was only interest in the quality of Love interchanging in Love. However, I remained innately loyal to my roles in a family setting. Interest in the material world, which simulates in seeming quantities this nonlinear interchange, resumed as a function of teaching the knowledge revealed in the state.


      1. Anonymous

        Thank you for your response. Did the human interest in gaining material wealth return as well? Or are you now not interested in being “rich”?

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      2. Darcie French Post author

        Yes, the human interest in material wealth has returned, although I would perhaps exchange the word “gaining” for “manifesting” and the phrase “being rich” for “creating abundance”. Manifesting material wealth seems to be a pleasant side effect of expressing the innate wealth of nonlinear knowledge.


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