Q & A with Darcie French on genderless individuality & the interchanging illusion of sex-conditioning

Q: I see how bodies after reincarnations take on individuality via environment, culture, etc. But once the body is refolded and decayed, the Spirit is again one with God.  Yet, once we are reincarnated, we somehow bring back parts of what we learned previously.  How can this be because our Spirit is God and there is no separation except for the body?  Just thinking about this, I wondered if truly there is no reincarnation.  Just God continuing God on earth in a different body/environment, culture, etc. simply for expression.  There is no individuality once the body is done with.  It’s just God putting on different masks if you will.  But there’s nothing really to “us.”  What are your thoughts?

A: There is no actual “incarnation” of Life into form. Both incarnation and reincarnation are only “possible” if identity is given over to the world of illusion.

This is a thought-wave universe of illusion to demonstrate the imperceptible, only knowable, interchange of Love between God and His imagined Son of Light. Creation of form is an illusion of interchange of Love between a “this” and a “that” that has no reality to it; the Love interchange is all that is real. There is never incarnation of Love into a body by its seeming birth, nor separation from Love by its seeming death. The body does not separate one from truth except seemingly, by truth given to illusion. The body is forever an illusion of seemingly unfolding/refolding states of motion that are controlled by the still Light. To the degree of one’s knowledge of oneness with the still Light, one is in co-control of the states of motion, for one is one with the still Light, not with the dual simulated lights that represent states of motion.

Life never leaves the one still, imperceptible Light by the illusion of its division into the interchanging partners of the cube of space and the sphere of sun: the light body of the sun (the “currently” mostly male conditioned light or the sphere of incandescent light) and the dark body of space (the “currently” mostly female conditioned light or the cube of space) do not contain the Life of the Idea in the Light that backs their seeming creation. The one identity of them as one unit of Idea in the Light of God’s imagination alone lives. In the Light, the innate identity backing the illusion of male and female is as genderless as God is – to use ACIM terminology, “we” are all equally God’s “One Son”. God’s Son is only seemingly sex-conditioned by the seeming division of the one Light of reality into the two lights of illusion to demonstrate the Love interchange between God and His Son.

All activities are recorded by the inert gasses that are the unfolding/refolding seed patterns of each Son seemingly expressed in form. As bodies refold, all activities of interchange are carried forth into the next unfolding by their record in their seed pattern.

The preponderantly male sun and preponderantly female cube of space interchange preponderance over great lengths of time. Eventually, they completely trade preponderances. On the other side of the wave axis, what was once seeming to be mostly male conditioned light seems to be mostly female conditioned, and the play unfolds over again as the two continue to interchange.

Seed patterns of God’s Idea of His Son continually transform. Following the Law of Love transforms the seed pattern in a positive way by increasing knowledge of oneness and co-control, and breaking it transforms the seed pattern in a negative way by increasing seeming barriers to knowledge of oneness and co-control. Breaking the Law of Love increases the belief in separation, and following it increases knowledge of eternal oneness. The karma of interchange between pairs of opposites is recorded in the seed pattern.

“Darcie French” in the Mind of God as the Idea of His Son is neither male nor female. Identity remains once the body has refolded (it never goes anywhere with its unfolding); the preponderance of either male or female does not “form” the Son’s identity – it simply represents an equal half of the simulation of Love interchanging between a this and a that.

In the State in the fire wherein I knew my uncreated Self as being one with God’s Idea of His genderless Son, my identity was completely, wholly intact, yet there was no observation nor memory of an unfolding body as there was no projection of identity into the sex-conditioned world of illusion. All “formed identity” is the illusion of motion giving seeming mass and dimension to what has none.

Give not identity to a sex-conditioned body-image, as one’s identity is forever genderless and the only absolute, unconditioned-by-the-seeming-to-be reality known is the interchange of Love between God and His Son. One is forever only Idea in the Mind of God as the story of equal balanced interchange between pairs of opposites plays out. Follow the Law of Love by ever extending what you are in the Mind of God to all of creation “be kind to all of life” as Dr Hawkins always said, forgive the belief in projecting identity and reality to illusion that is seemingly held in Mind by the masses, and worry not about the unfolding/refolding images of creation.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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